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Jobsworth Full Monty Bike Lubes and Cleaners

The Full Monty Bicycle Solutions

Problem solving liquids- that's what our new Jobsworth Full Monty Bicycle Solutions are. Lubes and cleaners for every part of your bike. Formulated, tested and made right here in the UK we've made a range of lubes, cleaners and degreasers that are proven to work in the worst conditions that the UK has to offer. 

Jobsworth Full Monty Spray Lube + PTFE

Everyone should have a can of this in their toolbox, whether you own a bike or not. It's 400ml of nut loosening, cable lubing, squeak eliminating, water displacing PTFE fortified spray lube from Jobsworth. Keep it off your brakes and away from your hub and bottom bracket bearings and everything will be good with life. Use it like you would WD40 or GT85.

Jobsworth Full Monty Citrus Powered Chain Cleaner

400ml of oil-eating, grease dissolving, muck removing, water displacing Citrus Powered Chain Cleaner from Jobsworth. Created and tested in the UK. Perfect for stripping old chains of their ground in grease and grime and equally superb at stripping off that thick, gloopy OEM slime that new chains come with.

Jobsworth Full Monty Brake Disc Cleaner

400ml of fast-acting Disc Brake Cleaner that removes disc pad residue, cleans your pads and rotor and improves your braking. If your brakes have become glazed over from too much heat, covered in grime from riding in mixed weather conditions, or maybe you're simply looking to restore fading brake performance Jobsworth's Full Monty Brake Cleaner will you restore you brakes to maximum performance.

Jobsworth Full Monty Cycle Cleaner

1 litre of fast acting, muck stripping, grime dissolving Spray-On Cycle Cleaner from Jobsworth. Perfect for cleaning your bike, lifting that dirt film, dissolving away mud and generally helping you to return your pride and joy to tip-tip appearance. No colour, no smell, just pure cleaning power.

To celebrate the launch of this new product line we've put them all together in a bumper bargain bundle. Be quick this bundle won't stick around forever!

21 November 2017


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