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The Fully Loaded Showdown

The King is dead, Long live the king? We love showdowns at Planet X.  Whether its who ate  Mark Lovatt's last curly wurly to who got the ticket for driving the team car through the bus gate on London road last week there's nothing like a good showdown. 
This weeks showdown is about the changing of the guard, the challenger to the reigning champion.
Introducing, In the Blue corner. 

Planet X EC-130E Champion of the North 
Ec-130E Fully Loaded Shimano R8000 Edition

The current reigning Heavyweight champion of the North, undefeated in the past 24 months, the king of the Planet X empire, the one, the only, the king of bling, The EC-130E, the Dark Destroyer. He's fast, he's sharp, he's stiff,  he's fully loaded and he has seen off all comers in the past two years and keeps on winning the top category at Planet X.
He is the bike rated bike of the year by Cycling Weekly in 2017 that broke the barriers of aero value and performance, its  "blisteringly fast", "slices through the wind", and "is a clear winner in 2017 aero bike of the year" Regarded in the industry as untouchable. 
Weighing in at a sprightly fully loaded 1799.99 pounds of award-winning magic he is still the one to beat. 
In the Orange Corner 

Holdsworth Super Professional - The Yorkshire  Contender.

Holdsworth Super Professional Fully Loaded
An upstart contender, coached, trained and developed by the renowned Downing brothers, gritty street fighters in their own right. He has been quietly building his following on the roads of South Yorkshire even venturing out to the Derbyshire roads of the Peak District.  These are the roads where dreams are broken but so far he has come through unscathed and his team now think he is ready for the big time. 
Whilst not as muscular as the champion. What he lacks in structure he gains in elegance. Beautifully proportioned and possessing wonderful natural balance his agility. Swiftness and fine balance make him the big favourite to take over the mantle of King of Yorkshire. 
 Also weighing in at a fully loaded 1799.99 pounds the smart money from those on the inside is betting on orange. 

Whoever wins the showdown be it the blue corner or the orange corner there is little doubt both Champion and contender are way ahead of the competition are have been voted by BIG RING magazine as the best pound for pound bikes on the market. 

Limited Offers on the Fully loaded editions - only 50 available for now.  Who will come out on top in this Battle for the ages, Let's get ready to Ruummbblleeeeee!

23 March 2018

Fully Loaded Showdown

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