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Save 20% on our best bikes

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We are well known for our amazing pricing in the industry, but we’ve decided to push things further and harder than ever before. Batch building helps us sell bikes for an even better price so that’s what we’re doing - building a batch of bikes which will be ready to ship at in early November. We know our customers love a deal, so we’re letting you get a chance to get on board this amazing pricing early. 
It takes something special to disrupt the bike industry, and we can safely say that both these bikes have sent shockwaves through the industry that have left our competitors reeling. Now you'll have your own a fight on your hands between our two best selling bikes - with this incredible offer, it's hard to know which one to choose!

EC-130E Shimano Ultegra R8000

20% off the EC-130E
The EC130 decimated the competition to be awarded Aero Bike of the Year by Cycling Weekly. Smashing the opposition from larger manufacturers, we not only pulled off the win in pure performance terms, but also the absolutely unparalleled value that this bike offers. Nobody can compete with us on price, because nobody works harder to give you a better value bike. And added to that, we’ve just given you another 20% off. It’s surely an opportunity you can’t miss. We’re batch building this model with Shimano’s stunning R8000 Ultegra groupset. It fits the fast aero lines of the EC130 perfectly.

Pro Carbon Evo Shimano 105 R7000

20% off the Pro carbon Evo
The Pro Carbon Evo is another incredible model which evolves itself from the Pro Carbon - Britain's Best Loved Carbon Road bike - one that we are confident in having done more miles in Britain than any other carbon road bike ever made. Thousands of customers have ridden and raced the original Pro Carbon to PBs and wins all over the world. The Evo does all that, but does it better. New on the scene, it’s a killer price and specification, and now available with another 20% preorder discount. Built with Shimano’s R7000 105 groupset, developed with all the component features that have filtered down from the Pro-level Dura Ace over the last two years. 

RT-58 Shimano 105 5800 Road Bike

20% off the RT-58

Comfortable mile-eater, serious winter trainer, lightweight commuter or just the perfect introduction to road cycling; the RT-58 V2 Alloy wears many hats, is truly versatile and finds favour with new and seasoned riders alike. Its lightweight construction, alloy frame, carbon fork, relaxed frame angles and comfortable proportions make it an incredibly versatile all-rounder. It offers a ratio of performance to price that is simply unbeatable at this level. 

Whichever one you pick, get your order in now. There are extremely limited quantities on both models - get your money down now to assure yourself a bike at an unbeatable price.

Bikes ship early November. Use code MARSHMALLOW20 at checkout to get your 20% discount.

Shop now - EC-130E Shimano Ultegra R8000 with 20% discount

Shop now - Pro Carbon Evo Shimano 105 R7000 with 20% discount

Shop now - RT-58 Alloy V2 Shimano 105 5800 with 20% discount

3 October 2018

20% off at Checkout with code MARSHMALLOW20

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