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Our Best Value Titanium Bike Ever

Titanium bikes are amazing. Pioneered by a bunch of enthusiastic gonzo engineers on the East Coast of America, things have come a long way since old chemical plant tubes were “acquired” and welded together in someone's garage, using bin bags full of argon gas to ensure great welds.
Now titanium bicycles are made of titanium bicycle tubing. Tubing and parts specifically made for bicycles, rather than repurposed from lay about scrap. The reason for all the trouble? Titanium rides like nothing else. If steel is real, titanium is realer. More compliant. More plush. More tuneable. And lighter too. That chemical tubing background helps in the salt and grime - no rust with this metal.
And so we put all of that, and our experience of designing great handling bikes, with feedback from race winners, and national champions into the Tempest V1. And they sold well, until our over-keen purchasing department made a V2 with thru axles. Then a V3 with flat mount brakes. And the V1 has just sat there. 
It has class. It’s a fighter. A contender. But it’s been left behind.  
We understand people who are chasing the flat mount through axle dream, we do understand. But hey - how many Tour wins on QR axles? How many Paris Roubaix victories? How many World Cup downhill wins back in the day on QR axles, without even having disc brakes. So we’re offering them at a ridiculous price just to get them out there. Get them ridden. Get them on the road.
We know you understand. There’s only a few left at this price. Don’t miss out. You can get a fully loaded SRAM Force 22 bike for less than most brands charge for a frame and fork.

5 October 2018

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