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Bib Tights Are You In Or Out?

With Winter just around the corner and each morning getting colder and colder it’s time to look at your Winter wardrobe and pick a team. What’s it going to be this year the luxurious warmth of thermo lined bib-tights with a quality chamois pad, or are you sticking to your favourite shorts and mixing it up with a selection of unpadded tights or leg and knee warmers? Whatever your preference we’ve got some cracking deals on all of our bib-shorts and bib-tights.

We put the question to some of Planet X’s 4 -season riders, who won’t let a cold snap keep them off the bike.

Bib-tights are you in or out?

Dave (the Boss)

I don’t get it- shorts keep you nicely tucked up and chamois pad free bib-tights add in some warmth. Why would you mix the two and a put a chamois pad inside bib-tights, for me the fit just isn’t as good. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re swinging in the wind.

Chamois in bib-tights- not for me. My favourite shorts and a pair of plain bib-tights everytime.

Innies or outties or shorts and leg warmers?

Russ (the racer)

When the temperature starts dropping down into single digits at this time of year I prefer to wrap them legs up nice and toasty. It’s a good fitting pair of bib-tights with integrated chamois for me every time. Bib-shorts and leg-warmers isn’t how I roll.

Innies or outties or shorts and leg warmers?

Lovatt (the old hand)

I used to be a big fan of my favourite shorts and a pair of leg-warmers for those hard winter rides. I did a full winter like that. It can get a bit fresh in the nether regions though if you’re wearing shorts made of summer weight lycra. Now when the temp drops I prefer bib-tights with a decent chamois. You can’t beat a bit of Super Roubaix and a good anatomic chamois pad.

We all have our favourites, What are yours?  In or Out?

Here at Planet X we have a huge selection to suit every rider and ever riding style- and of course we're doing an extra 20% off at Checkout with code BIBSINOROUT until the end of the month.  So get ready to ride, get warm and head out on the bike. we've got you covered.

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So are you In or Out?

19 October 2018

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