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Guess who's back?

Is the Jack Flash set to jump again?
It's quite simply the bike that started it all.
We can't even remember the year.
Back due to absolutely no demand apart from rose tinted glasses.
Most of you will have no clue what this means, a few of you it will mean a heck of a lot and bring back great memories.
Post your photos of the long lost love of ours and we will give a free frame from the first production to the best photo and please tell us the year you bought it because we cant remember exactly when it was we launched the jack flash, and really if I am honest the Jack Flash launched us into the spotlight (current best guess 1996?)

Post pics on our Facebook Page.
jack flash
jack flash

30 April 2019


  • Tom M
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    I thought it was later than 96, I thought around 99. My best mate had an orange one with flimsy RST 461 dual crown forks. The frame was bombproof.