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How we designed the Equipe sunglasses range

Family is important to us at Planet X. Whether that's the family support we've had as the company has grown, or how we develop our product range.
Our sunglasses range is wide and varied, but there’s a family sense in the choices we’ve made, and we thought we’d show you some more.
Big Daddy of the family is the Equipe - and the Red and Black Revo is the king of the hill there by far. Beautifully constructed, it was the best selling model of last year and looking a sure fire winner this year too. Five lens options add a bit of confusion, but it’s only because we’re trying to offer you different looks. At this price, get a few! 
The Equipe Evo is a bit slimmer. We were going to call it our “Blade” model but thought someone might get a bit upset about that. A 10mm shallower lens makes it more compact and 1-2g lighter too, and it shares the same frame hardware which is 135mm hinge to hinge. 
The CS is in the family too. Perhaps an odd cousin, the black sheep of the family. With a two lens construction rather than a single piece, the CS bridges the gap between on bike function and off bike style. As in, you can walk around in normal society quite happily in these. A bit less athlesiure, but still right up there in function and even on-bike performance. Top tip is the slightly pricier HD Revo/Tortoisehell model. Spectacular optics and super style, and don’t worry - it isn’t made from real tortoises. Again - shares the same frames as the Equipe Evo and Equipe.
Equipe V2 is like a big boned odd cousin who moved in. Lens shape is similar but the frames are actually different - a 5mm wider pivot to pivot dimension (140mm) than the Equipe, so ideal for the bigger faced rider. Top quality optics. Note too the mirrored Revo lens which really isn't shown well on the website right now. This is the Green Revo / Matt Black version above and below, followed by Blue Revo, Red Black Revo and HD Silver Mirror.
So that's the Equipe Glasses family. And thanks to our family, Clara and Antonia and Ed for helping us shoot the pics for these.


Non of the glasses come in cases or bags - we’re keeping margins cut to the bone on these models, but we do recommend adding a Carnac Multi Case to your order if you want to keep them safe. At just a fiver they’re a bargain. 

24 July 2019

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