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Rip It Up and Start Again


Discounts until Monday with code UNZIP

This was the
first ever on-one bike.


20 years later,
these are the latest on-one bikes

(Above) Dave's Bootzipper 650 - in a tree in Ireland, April 2019
(Above) brant's Bootzipper29 - in a ginnel in Hebden Bridge, April 2019
The Bootzippers are about ripping up what "mountainbike" means in 2019, just like we did with the inbred in 1999
We're zipping up our boots and going back to our roots. Because we're trapped in the past and want it back.

At some point when people started adding suspension, mountainbikes stopped looking like the mountainbikes that we started out on. 

Frames became "suspension corrected" and the modifications of head angle, headtube length and other things for "bouncy forks" altered things for good. 
Whilst putting a rigid fork on a frame designed for suspension model is a good idea in some cases we decided to throw everything at two new models that are only designed for rigid forks. Because like to do that. We ripped it up. We started again.

Though because brant is a dick he put through axles and disc brakes on them.

Bootzippers are:-

Amazing Urban Bike
Brilliant Towpath Bike
Long Distance Bikepacking Bike
Lower Speed Tech Trails Bike
Bike for riding around on

The 650B one is a bit nippier.
The 29er is more monster truck.

And then there's our website content about them.

Heavy, out of date, non aero, "gas pipe" steel - these are definitely not the state of the art masterful pieces of modern design so beloved of the modern cycling industry.

The same spec of tubing could be badged "Reynolds 520" if we paid them $5 for a sticker for it. But we don't.
And the fact that the edgy raw finish will rust if you don't wipe it with an oily rag. But we love it. Because you should look after your bike. 

TLDR? This email's an attempt to re-start the promotion of these, or rather "rip it up", just like the bikes are designed to restart what we loved about mountainbikes - ergo "rip it up".

These are bikes that we've designed for us, and made some more for people who might like them too.

with code UNZIP

YES - For this discounted period, for JUST £225 you get a frame, fork, and front and rear through axles.
We think £225 is a very good price for a frame, fork and through axles, bearing in mind we were selling inbred frame only for £225 over seventeen years ago.

with code UNZIP

(It was meant to be exactly £200, but Steve can't get the site to do that, so it's 22% or £198 on the standard model)


The 650 Bootzipper takes 100x12 front and 142x12 through axle wheels (that's gravel road standard). The 29er one takes 110x15mm front and 148x12 rear (mountainbike boost). 
Don't have boost wheels and want to build your own? 
Maybe these will help...
(Oh and yes, a 32t non boost crank will fit fine)

10 October 2019

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