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The all-new Pro Carbon...Evolution of an icon

If you’ve been around road cycling for a few years, and to be honest even if you haven't, chances are you have seen a classic Planet X Pro Carbon somewhere. A sportive, outside a cafe, maybe even at a triathlon.  In classic black or one of the loud and proud facelift colours, The Pro Carbon was a mainstay of the UK road bike scene.

The original Pro Carbon was the industry battering carbon road bike that no one else could get near for performance and value. A carbon road bike that isnt a complete noodle for under a grand?! Reviews were glowing and sales were spectacular. We drove the competition MAD with envy. HOW could we do it?

It was Dave’s masterpiece and combined his two favourite things, great products and winding the industry up. That's always been the Planet X way. Think different. Operate different. Fast forward to the mid 20teens and the rock that the Planet X road range was built on was showing its age. It’s still a fabulous bike and there are many thousands still out on the road doing a job. But it was time for something a bit different, we had to evolve with trends, and the big new trend in road cycling? Disc brakes have arrived.

The Pro Carbon Evo brought the name, and the frame, right up to date. The carbon frame was tightened up, the seat stays dropped, the cabling went internal, and in the biggest departure from the classic frame, disc brakes arrived. Whilst we still offered a rim brake version of the newplatform, the disc brake Pro Carbon Evo was the stand out winner, in sales and performance.

Taking cues from our experience with the pro-team supplied RT-90s and working with Italian legends Viner, the Evo raised the bar for Planet X road bikes. The all-new design proved more than worthy to carry the Pro Carbon name into the future in its new Evo form, and everyone knows we love an Evo!

Well, what do you know? Time marches on and industry and consumer trends continue to push Planet X to produce the best quality, best value and (in our opinion), the best looking bikes on the road. Working with the finest manufacturers in cycling, we have re-engineered the Pro Carbon Evo once more. Stiffer, lighter, new graphics and most importantly, MUCH improved tyre clearance! As you cant Evo an Evo, and Evo2 is getting a bit silly, we’ve decided it’s time to go back to our roots.

Want a do-it-bike that can climb, sprint and not rattle your fillings out?! Want some money left in your wallet after buying it?! Class-leading performance, unbeatable value. The Planet X Pro Carbon is back. The evolution of a classic is complete.

13 July 2020

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