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Top 10 Super Summer Sizzler Sale - Tools & Maintenance

We've got some smashing offers on at the minute, but theres SO MANY bangers that it's hard to know where to start.

Well, allow us to tak the leg work out of it and give you the TOP 10 Super Summer Sizzlers in the Tools and Maintenance catagories. Show the bike you love a bit of affection for all the happiness it brings you.

10. Jobsworth Home Workstand

Octopuses need not apply. You’ve never got enough hands when you’re working on the pride and joy, take the stress out of jobs with a workstand. Super stable, height adjustable and a built in tool tray. Tidy.

9. Jobsworth Pro Workstand

Hang on, didn’t we just have workstand, what are trying to pull?! Well spotted, well this model takes a proper hefty 30KG weight, so for the e-bike lovers, you’ve get a bit of weight limit to spare. Folds up reet small too, could be perfect in the van when cyclocross season kicks in. And it says Pro on it. Essential.

8. Jobsworth Wall Hangers

Getting your bikes up off the the floor and onto the wall is a sure fire way to clear up a whole load of space in your house. The Jobsworth Wall Mounted Bike Hanger is perfect for this.
Simple and effective, this bike rack mounts with just four wall anchor bolts/screws. Find a space in the house where you can drill into brick or a wooden joist and you're golden.

7. Jobsworth Be Reet Biffa Lock

We make some proper tasty bikes, and that means there’s always some toe-rag who’ll want it away. Scupper any ne’er-do-wells with a Biffa. It’s massive. It’s heavy. If you’re leaving the beaut outside the office for hours on end, it’s worth it.

6. Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator

Chains are pretty cheap. Cassettes are blimmin expensive. Take good care of the chain and it’ll make your cassette (and chainrings come to that) last a good bit longer. Know when to swap a new chain in with this natty little thing. Takes 2 seconds and saves you £££. Have that.

5. Jobsworth Pump Up The Volume

If you’ve ever burst a blood vessel trying to get a micropump to put 90psi into a road tyre, you’ll know you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Track pumps make it a cinch to get out on the road or trail. Double headed means it’ll do the roadie, the offroadie, the wheelbarrow and the caravan. Winner.

4. Jobsworth Full Monty Brush Set

We all spend 2k on a bike then cant be bothered to give it a clean down. Yeah, yeah, we knows there’s a few weirdos in every group that get a showroom shine back after every ride, well you’ll need these as well. 4 brushes for every nook and cranny, including a cassette cleaner and my favourite, a bendy Y shaped fella that’s perfect around suspension mounting points. Clean as a whistle.

3. OKO Tubeless Sealant

Whilst tubeless isn’t for everyone, there’s still a buttload of riders that swear by it. It does need a bit of a top up from time to time, and OKO started making this stuff for tractors and diggers so its proper job. Get it before you need it.

2. Barbieri Chain Cleaner Kit

Imagine how many extra watts are buried beneath an inch of crud on your drive train?! Weeks of slogging your guts out for a couple of watts in an FTP, just get you parts clean and lubed. Much easier. And not as rude as it sounds…

1. Threaded CO2 Cartridges

There’s two types of people when it comes to midride spares. The one with 2 of everything, and the one with bob-all. Don’t be the second one, everyone hates you. And if you’re the first one, that second pillock never listens so you may as well get some extras. 3 sizes and all under 2 quid. Get gas, but the good sort.

29 July 2020

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