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Top 20 Super Summer Sizzler Sale - Summer Essentials


20 - Selcof Wing Carbon Bottle Cage WAS £12.99 NOW £9.09 SAVE £3.90
Its essential to carry plenty of fluid in warm weather. It’s essential to have as much carbon as possible on your bike. Tick and Tick.

19 - On-One Waterproof bumbag WAS £5.99 NOW £4.19 SAVE £1.80
Perfect for the beach, kayak or just to keep the kids from throwing water balloons at your phone. So good you could swim with it. Probably.

18 - Apis Cycling Cap WAS £7.99 NOW £5.59 SAVE £2.40
Not just for Belgian hardmen in February, keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes during the summer months too. Only to be worn whilst cycling, you know the rules.

17 - Jobsworth Silicone Cup / Lime Green WAS £0.99 NOW £0.69 SAVE £0.30
Essential for the bikepacker, backpacker or savvy camper. From no cup to cup quicker than you can say ‘Get t’brew on, son’.

16 - Jobsworth Semi Inflatable Camping Mat WAS £29.99 NOW £20.99 SAVE £9.00
Wild camping and travelling light? Or maybe the kids are keen campers? The Semi ¾ self-inflating mat has you, and the ground, covered.

15 - Carnac Metis EVO Cat 0-3 Photochromic Sunglasses WAS £49.99 NOW £34.99 SAVE £15.00

The photochromic version of the Carnac Metis, goes from clear to Cat 3 protection in seconds. Never have the wrong glasses again.

14 - Jobsworth Morning Glory Inflatable Mattress WAS £24.99 NOW £17.49 SAVE £7.50
Our full length self-inflating camping mat. Ronseal product, does what it says on the tin. And half the price of a certain like-for-like…

13 - Carnac Floater RSF WAS £14.99 NOW £10.49 SAVE £4.50
Ever dropped your ££ sunnies in the water and lost them forever? Not anymore!! The Floater from Carnac does….guess what?!! Yep, floats!! Great for SUP and sailing, plus any exceptionally clumsy people.

12 - Jobsworth 450ml Stainless Steel Cup WAS £3.99 NOW £2.79 SAVE £1.20
Drink from, eat from it, store things in it. When every gram counts, make sure everything has more than one use. Pack smart, ride easy.

11 - Carnac Feldman Sunglasses WAS £29.98 NOW £20.98 SAVE £9.00
A smashing multi sport glass with a huge field of view. Revo and HD lenses available, perfect for colour contrast conditions like rowing or golf, if you like that sort of thing.

10 - Planet X Sublime Jersey WAS £39.99 NOW £27.99 SAVE £12.00
Our latest and greatest jersey. New cut, new fabric, new design, and for some daft reason, in the Sizzlin Sale?! We’ve got to review our business model here..

9 - Carnac TCFS 55 Sunglasses WAS £29.99 NOW £20.99 SAVE £9.00
A perennial favourite in the Carnac range. They look smashing and come in 3 frame sizes to match your face, clever eh? Never look like an extra from Tron again!

8 - Planet X Classic Tow Float WAS £24.99 NOW £17.49 SAVE £7.50
Wild and open water swimming is getting more and more popular. Make sure you’re easy to spot from the bank and to other water users with our classic tow float. Be safe, be smart, be seen.

7 - Carnac RSF SE Cat 0-3 Photochromic Sunglasses WAS £49.99 NOW £34.99 SAVE £15.00
Our casual RSF glasses are a staff off-the-bike favourite, I think everyone has a pair?! Now available in our photochromic finish so they’ll go clear when you go to the bar to get your round in. We do look after you.

6 - Carnac Comfort Slides WAS £9.99 NOW £6.99 SAVE £3.00
Dave’s pet project and so over developed that by the time they arrived after endless faffing about, it was November. Winning at seasons. It does mean that they’re amazingly comfy though. And no, you can fit a cleat, you rascals.

5 - Carnac TCFS Cat 0-3 Photochromic Sunglasses – 55/60/65 WAS £79.99 NOW £55.99 SAVE £24.00
Everything we said about the other TCFS models, sizes, Tron, etc, but with our new magical Photochromic lenses. Bound to be year-round favourites.

4 - Tankita Insulated bottle WAS £9.99 NOW £6.99 SAVE £3.00
Nothing worse than slogging up a big climb whats dead warm and taking a swig of tepid fluid. Bleurgh. The best insulated bottle on the market keeps your drink ice cold all ride. Absolute must on a training camp, if we can ever leave, that is..

3 - Carnac CS Sunglasses WAS £9.99 NOW £6.99 SAVE £3.00
One of the lightest sunnies on the market according to the purchasing team, loads of frame and lens options and impact tested for maximum safety. And you can look like Neo, so theres that too.

2 - Podsacs Drybags WAS £8.99 NOW £6.29 SAVE £2.70
Absolutely bomb-proof, made in the same factory as another HUGE sailing brand, less than half the price. Boat, canoe, rucksack, framebag, anything you want dry in any condition, these are for you.

Ice Cream jersey WAS £19.99 NOW £13.99 SAVE £6.00

Ice Cream hoody WAS £29.99 NOW £20.99 SAVE £9.00

Ice Cream musette WAS £2.99 NOW £2.09 SAVE £0.90

What can we say about the Ice Cream range that hasn’t already been said?! The Holdsworth team love it, we love it, and its on loads of awesome products. Get head to toe for maximum effect! (in the clothes, not actual Ice Cream).

31 July 2020

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