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NEW Limited Edition London Road Ti

NEW London Road Titanium Bike
'Versatility 2.0'

Introducing the NEW all-road-riding, Limited Edition London Road Ti. We've taken the already highly adaptable London Road bike's DNA and used it to create an incredibly versatile and tough, titanium all-road super-commuter.

Not all Commuter Bikes are Born Equal

The London Road bike truly is a modern classic. It's popularity is in part thanks to to its ability to transfer from city route to gravel track effortlessly, making it the perfect bike to take on the changeble terrain found on most commutes.
We wanted to offer a bike that takes this versatile 'do-it-all' attitude to the next level. A bike that can be used for commuting but also really shines withing the all-road bike category. So, no matter where your work ride takes you, or how far you've planned to explore at the weekend, you know you're doing it on a bike that is going to be cool, capable and comfortable.

Time for Ti

Our task was to further develop an already excellent 'do-it-all' bike with additional features that further meet the demands of the unpredicatable commute. An affordable, high-quality solution for those who ride hard, everyday, on varied surfaces, no matter the weather.
It seemed obvious the right direction was to work with the king of materials. Titanium.
With a famously high strength to weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistant properties titanium is the perfect frame material for those who will be using the bike to ride areas which, when ridden frequently, can be quite hard on a bike.

London Road Ti Limited Edition

The London Road Ti Limited Edition is a bike of many talents. A capable and comfortable all-road mile muncher.

Sharing many of the features that make the original London Road a briliantlly uncomplicated, do-it-all bike, The London Road Ti is for the cyclist who uses his bike for a variety of different purposes, throughout the year. Tarmac to gravel track. Cobbled streets, canal paths and country roads, The London Road Ti provides the versatility, comfort, reliability and elegance that comes with owning a titanium bike. A multitude of mounts lets you to ride with everything you might need plus the option to fit a mudguard for additional all-weather protection.

The London Road Ti is fully equipped with all-weather performing, powerful SRAM disc brakes, giving you the precision braking needed when riding through high traffic areas. The unflappable SRAM RIVAL 1 groupset, provides efficiently smooth shifting through a range of gears, wide enough to cater for the majority of riders.

Planet X London Road Titanium Bike

To complement the premium titanium frame, the London Road Ti is equipped with the lightweight and super responsive SELCOF Carbon Fork giving you the control needed for switching between a different riding environments.

Keeping things rolling smoothly are the FULCRUM Racing 900 wheels. Efficiently lightweight and tough, the Racing 900's will shrug off potholes and keep performing ride after ride. They are easy to set up tubless too, providing futher puncture protection.
The London Road Ti comes with the amazingly tough yet nimble PANARACER Tour Guard tyres, the perfect rubber for urban riding but also totally at home on more remote country roads. Looking to ride more gravel? With plenty of tyre clearance, the London Road Ti will happily upgrade to a beefier tyre and allow you to expand your route even further.

Four-season, All-road, Do-it-all Bike

To sum up, the London Road Ti is an premium, four-season, all-road, swiss army knife of a bike. Happy to rack up the miles, transporting you and your gear to work, through congested city streets, as it is taking the scenic route home satisfying the need for some mid week exploration. A perfect addition to the do-it-all bike genre with durability and performance at it's core delivered with elegance and style.

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9 June 2021

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