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Product Recall Jobsworth Cooking Systems

Product Recall Jobsworth Cooking Systems
As part of our absolute commitment to the safety and well-being of our customers, Planet X are undertaking a product recall of the following items:
- Jobsworth X2 Outdoor Cooking System (CPJOX2CS-BLK)
- Jobsworth Java X2 Outdoor Cooking System (CPJOJX2CS- BLK)
- Jobsworth X3 Outdoor Cooking System (CPJOX3CS- BLK)
We have been notified from our supplier there is a safety concern with the above product.  As a result, we must advise all customers who have purchased this item since January 2021 to please return your item for a full refund and do not continue to use your product with immediate effect.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please contact us for further assistance.  Our contact information can be found in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on the Full Safety Advisory Notice.
Best Regards
The Planet X

9 July 2021

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