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Hywel - Hawaii Training - Week 3

Hywel - Hawaii Training - Week 3 Hawaii week 3 A tough week this week. A load of stuff to do at work and with evening fixtures, no time to train properly and lack of proper sleep. However, you take what you can and quality becomes far more important than quantity. Managed to fit in a few evening rides on the pompino which makes it a little tougher, 3 good treadmill sessions including an hour at 17kmh and its great to get back in the mix with the imagic league. One small problem to solve though was the choice of stealth. I was a great fan of the old one, and when the new one came its just hard to see how it could ride or feel any better. To be honest, the first ride felt very different. Not as responsive as the old one and a little more tame, I did have training wheels on, but tonight with the race wheels on it felt a different bike. Took it out for a TT on my 20 mile training course and got within 5 secs of my pre national 10 PB for the course. I'm certainly not in that sort of race pace form yet but pleasing to see that the bike is quick and definitely a go-er for Hawaii. So it's a sad day that the old Stealth is back in the Box addressed to Planet X…destined for a good home and some more PBs. The new bike felt very comfortable and very aero, more so than the old one its just that as it is quieter on the cable rattles and vibration it just feels very different. Certainly quick on the flat and descents but my sore legs from imagic work meant I could not give it a beasting up the hills. Anyway a big weekend of miles to come and then back into the mix next week as I will get some free time at a school residential to get some running miles in and then full on race mode for New Forest Tri next weekend

18 September 2006


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