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Cammish Diaries - under the knife

Cammish Diaries - under the knife I've been putting a pretty lean last few years down to a couple of cysts that have come between me and my Planet X SL Team Cro-mo and I thought it was about time to do something about it when lumps started appearing too ? apparently one in three of us will suffer from Cancer at some time in our lives so to be I trundled to the old RAF Hospital at Ely to meet the very nice Mr Lamberty. Made sure we all knew what we were there for before I let him get hold of the knife - despite my advancing years I'd like to keep my parenting options open, I like being a man!! and any further enhancement would have a detrimental effect on my ability to my get down low over the bars in the tt position (which is hard enough already with middle age spread and all that!) The op was carried out under a local anaesthetic and everyone (except me) seemed to be enjoying themselves - there was lots of laughter in the theatre anyway! For anybody unfortunate enough to have to undergo similar surgery in the future - don't worry about it ... you won't feel a thing. The very nice Mr Lamberty kept saying 'if you feel anything let me know' (as if there was some doubt in his mind that I'd suffer in silence!!!). I must admit there were one or two flinches but he just kept pumping the anaesthetic in and quite honestly it wasn't too bad. The worst thing about it is the recovery aspect though. I been signed off work for 3 weeks and it comes to the stage where the novelty of daytime TV (Trisha, Jeremy Kyle etc) begins to wear a bit thin - although I must admit that Loose Women has still got a bit of mileage left in it yet! So I've been lying at home slowly feeling more and more sorry for myself. To make matters worse I had my 50th birthday the other Sunday (which was bad enough in itself) and late in the day I discovered that the very nice Mr Lamberty's needlework skills leave a bit to be desired (at least from my viewpoint) - which resulted in another trip to the local surgery for an inspection by two (lady) nurses, my (lady) GP and anyone else who just happened to be passing through at the time. The decision was taken to leave well alone (can't blame them because it looked a right bloody mess) and let nature take its course - fair enough but I didn't particularly like the way everyone walked out with their fingers crossed! So that's it done I can't wait to get back on the bike I really envy Spencer and Hywell (good luck in Hawaii guys) and anyone else who can get out there in the fresh air ? you don?t realize how much you miss it until you can't do it!

6 October 2006


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