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Spencer Hits Hawaii :: Hawaii Hits Back

Spencer Hits Hawaii :: Hawaii Hits Back The Day of reckoning is nearly upon us...We all felt last Sunday that day may never come. Standing in my underwear (No it was not pink!!) six floors up in our hotel room at 7:06 a.m., Melissa and I felt the earth move (LITERALLY)! Measured at 6.6 on the scale, this was one memory of Kona we could have done without. Let me put things in perspective, during the longest 64 seconds of our lives we felt the entire hotel sway back and forth and found it necessary to hold each other steady to keep from falling over. After the second aftershock, I went into survival mode and started running for the hotel room door in my underpants, only to have my wife shout, "WHAT ABOUT THE PINK BIKE?" which was resting on the balcony railing. To which, I replied, "[email protected]#K" the PINK BIKE, let's get out of here. Now you can see the severity of the situation! OKAY, everything in Kona is going according to plan. I have had zero problems up till today. As I was testing out the race bike in it's full glory, a black cat ran straight in front of me as I was heading up to the Queen K. Now being British, that's good luck for us, but when I told my wife, she winced and said "You're [email protected]#Ked". Unfortunately, for me in the USA, a black cat signifies bad luck. That being said, we did survive an Earthquake on Sunday, so I don't think we're doing too bad. The health is good, the spirits are up and I'm ready for action. I'm excited to get out and race here again after an absence of 4 years. As far as training goes this week is really just "Fluff". Nothing can be gained and if you overcook the training the week before the race, it could make for a long(er) Saturday. My predictions for the race......I want to win of course, BUT, a top five would not be disastrous and a top ten would be palatable. Below that, No Comment. The weather forecast for race day seems reasonable, with the winds being light to moderate....yeah, I've heard that before. Right now Alii Drive is like a furnace with zero cloud cover. Things change quickly here, but I think a tough day will be good for me. I hope I can fly the flag here on the Big Island with pride. Ironmanlive is the place to be on Saturday. Thanks for your support. Cheers SS (Leave Spencer a good luck message HERE)

19 October 2006


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