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Spencer thwarted by the Kona Demons

Spencer thwarted by the Kona Demons Here's Spencers race report , somewhat briefer than hed have liked, but theres one thing we know about Spencer - hes seen plenty of adversity and had setbacks before but he has a true inner grit and strength of character and an ability to bounces back . - Well be backing him all of the way . "Am sure you know but at about mile 7 or 8 I hit a cat eye in the road and the back tyre exploded....Changed it But then of course the chain whilst I layed the bike on the floor got all knotted up...The co2 cartridge only really infalted the tyre partially so I rode on a soft tyre for 10 miles the gap at this point was up to 8mins ..I then got a new wheel from tech but it was jumping all over the place, by mile 80 I was over 15mins down....GAME OVER....VERY GUTTED anddisappointed......THis F%@#$%G Island... BTW... NORMAN DESERVED THE WIN..GREAT RACE'

22 October 2006


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