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My Plums!

My Plums! Not really sure he understands exactly how long I want to sit on a bike for (my present apparent state of fitness to him, might just suggest that all I want to do is pop along to the corner shop for a newspaper) but my own doctor, Mrs Taine (she with the warm hands), appears to have different views as she's always drawn a sharp intake of breath whenever she's had to examine the nice Mr Lamberty's handy least I think that's what she's been examining! Come to think of it, the appointments have been becoming increasingly frequent (and not at my request I might add!) - I just hope that my recent escapades aren't about to become the feature topic in the next issue of the village magazine! Never mind, its nice being least everyone in the village smiles when they see me! So last Saturday, with Mr Lamberty's assurances providing me with what would surely be the most comfort I was likely to experience (!!!), I decided to cock my leg over a bike for the first time in almost 6 weeks. I don't think I've ever worked up such a (cold) sweat without involving myself in any actual physical exertion - so, satisfied with what I considered it to be a major step forward, I left it until Sunday to actually go out for a ride. If my long term memory serves me correctly, cycling definitely gets easier the more you do, and if I wasn't 100% sure of that then I don't think I'd ever ride a bike again! The first 7 or 8 miles were a sheer joy...the novelty was soon to wear off though and the next 15 miles or so seemed to take an eternity. I think it will be a while before I'm charging up and down the A1 with Hugo again (and anyone else who'd like to take advantage of my present state of fitness come to that!) but at least there's that to look forward to! I love it!!! In the meantime there's the 21 mile trek to and from work in the dark to help me get back in the grove. Shouldn't be too much problem with my new Dinotte lighting system though - makes me wonder how we ever used to manage years ago. Remember the old Ever Ready lights that either went out or bounced completely off the handlebars every time you went over a bump? Batteries that wouldn't last 10 minutes? Doubt in your mind whether or not your back light was still working - only really sure when motorists started "honking" at you? Those were the days eh? I reckon bikies have got it so much easier now. I mean, we never had coaches to tell us when enough was enough. We just banged out mile after mile thinking that was the way to do it (were all those hours really wasted?). And the cold!!! Winters were a lot worse then - no doubt about it. I remember having to stop along the Royston / Stump Cross road one Sunday morning to stuff an empty Growbag I'd found at the side of the road down the front of my Lutz plusses (I wonder if that might have had something to do with the nice Mr Lamberty's recent intervention!!!). It was that cold. Brown paper bags were used in lieu of overshoes and those horrible nylon fronted Gibbsport tops made you sweat more than a 6 hr turbo session in a greenhouse! It was either freeze or melt - no happy medium! And turbo trainers? I remember when they first came out - Pete Wells (an old team mate - anyone know his whereabouts?) had one in his garage at Arlesey. No comparison to the state of the art models out now though fly wheel, no fluid...just two flimsy kit-kat wrapper type fans which gave a ride that bore no resemblance whatsoever to riding on the road - although still a lot warmer as far as I can recall! So I might have found the weekend's ride hard, but in the knowledge that cycling was so VERY much harder years ago I'm quite looking forward to reminding myself as to how easy it has become (Kurt Kinetic excepted of course - but that's another story eh Joel?).

30 November 2006


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