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Cammish on.....the BBAR, Club Dinners and Sponsorship..

Cammish on.....the BBAR, Club Dinners and Sponsorship.. Already "dipped my toe in the water" in the Breckland New Years day 10 to see what could be done following my enforced lay-off. Reasonably satisfied with the result but, nearly four weeks further down the line, I'm still finding it difficult to get back into a good hard training routine. Kind of hoping that 35 years or so of around 20000 miles a year will "subsidise" a lack of training this winter - we'll see though. (Wouldn't like anyone to think I'm still banging out those sort of miles - the majority these days are based on the 21 mile ride each way to and from work. Saving a fortune by not driving in. Thinking of moving house further from the office so I'd save even more....I'll be quids in!!). Congratulations to Mr Dawson for his record breaking 10th BBAR win. Shame that Cycling Weakly didn't give it the coverage it deserves because in my day it seemed to be worth winning - if only for the front page picture it was virtually guaranteed (which always pleased the sponsors!!). Also noticed that the Doc got to say the last word at the BBAR bash in Nottingham - probably right since the separate competition he won was based on positions in National Championships. I could never get my head around the fact that other events could count towards the BBAR on days when National Championships were taking place (as they still do) - the argument put forward was that not everyone wanted to ride the championships or indeed would be able to ride them due to the lack of spaces available in the field. So we come to the old chestnut - i.e. the BBAR, should it be dropped and all that - not a subject which I particularly want to get involved in other than to say it was good to me and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In any event the BBAR gives me something to talk about at club dinners - although I don't get invited to too many these days due to the unfortunate effect alcohol has on my ability to think coherently and to be able to talk to people without causing offence. Any invites received these days are as a result of people's bad memories (they don't remember how badly behaved I was the last time around), sympathy (they feel sorry for me) or sheer desperation (tried everyone else and no-ones available). Still trying to decide how I came to find myself at the Scarborough Paragon do the other weekend but I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to the committee now if I upset anyone. Look on the bright side though - it can only get better next year! For anyone out there who gets invited next time was a bloody good do (well I thought so) and if you're asked to make speech you've got nothing to beat .... they never have been my strong point - much prefer chatting afterwards over a pint (or two). Changing the subject completely - changed clubs again (you may have noticed)! Contrary to popular belief I'm not trying to work my way through the handbook - just liked the club's colours that's all! Years ago (apparently!) there was a flurry of activity when a bit of money was being splashed around by (amongst others) Jack Fletcher (God bless his soul - a real cycling enthusiast and top bloke to boot). I was speaking to someone a few months ago who told me about one enterprising Manchester Wheeler (forgot his name.....well I haven't really but obviously can't name him....may be clues next time round though!!!) who had set himself up as an "agent" for his mates. He managed to arrange a deal for each of them (which they were all more than pleased with). It "appears" however that the two parties (i.e. the sponsor and the rider) were unaware of the amount of money that was actually being passed (through the "agent") from one to the other!!!! Only the agent knew...and he was quite happy to continue acting as the intermediary for several years until the "fleecing" came to light!!! Moral of the story (reading some of the message boards and how hard it is for riders to find sponsors) don't pi55 the sponsors off guys - they're hard enough to come by as it is! Be nice to one if you find one! (There'll be an apple on your desk, as usual, in the morning Mr Loughran sir and your ironing will be finished by the time you go home this evening). Anyway, I hope to be with Planet X for a while now the meantime anyone for a chat on the forum?

24 January 2007


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