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Spencer Update - What's the Plan?

Spencer Update - What's the Plan? I have not disappeared. I am still alive and kicking. It's been a while since my last installment. I have been busy though. As you may have read, 2007 is going to be a different kind of year for me. Call it a "new start" or the next stage in my triathlon career. As you'll have seen, Dave the boss of PX, Julian of Lewis Kit and of course, your truly, are very close to getting the S2 clothing range up and running. I have certainly learned a lot over the last few months. From the inception, which took place in Italy to the upcoming launch in March, it has been quite a journey. The S2 clothing range has been something I have wanted to do since I started my career in triathlon over 16 years ago. Unfortunately, it's hard to balance triathlon training with much of anything else if you're going to try and make a living from it. I believe the S2 clothing range is not only functional but really smart as well. ( Even something you could wear on the dance floor!!). The combination of the two was foremost in my mind whilst putting this range together. The fact that it's made in Italy, where style and quality are a given, makes it a perfect fit. My greatest concern, whilst putting together this range was for your needs as a triathlete. Ultimately, you will be the ones that decide if the S2 range is something special. So the let the range begin………… On a different note, I have not really had too much time to train this winter (YET!!). Looking back on my training diary of last year, makes for depressing reading due the fact I was in pretty good shape. And my scales in the bathroom are confirming my general lack of fitness. I thought I better set a benchmark, so I did a 10K last weekend. I haven't gone that hard since last November. It really hurt. Did I mention it really hurt? That proves to me, I really do have to train consistently. Still, come April, when I head to Europe for the training camps, I'll be ready for you…Promise. I hope to see as many of you there as I did at the Christmas dinner. It should be a good laugh. Okay, now I've got you up to date. I'm off to do some serious training, right after a jammy dodger washed down with a nice cup of rosy. Cheers for now. SS… (or should it be S2)

8 February 2007


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