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Fiona Ford :: Update :: The Hard Work has Begun!

Fiona Ford :: Update :: The Hard Work has Begun! Latest news from a long course debutant. After a bit of an early set back during January with a nasty chest infection which refused to go away, the training got back on track in February. With some good weeks of training building up to the biggest week of all being a 20 hour week from the 19th to the 26th. Now I know this isn't a huge week in Ironman training terms but as this is my first season at the longer distances this is the biggest week of training I have done in a long time. To top off the week myself and my Fiancé Rob had chosen to go and run the 10 mile road race at Bramley. This was supposed to be a gentle run not pushing too hard and keeping it nice and steady in the build phase of training. However on arrival I met a very good friend of mine Vikki (sub 3-hour marathoner) and we decided to run together and catch up for a chat. Leaving Rob to his walkman (and dodgy Iron Maiden music) Vikki and I set off and before long got into a steady pace (well for her anyway.) As the Saturday session the previous day had been a 5 hour 30 min brick and a swim session I started to feel it at around mile 5. But by mile 8 the long distance training seemed to kick in and I was feeling good again. At the end of the race myself and Vikki crossed the line together thinking we had run a respectable time and only as we crossed the line was it announced that we were 3rd and 4th Lady. As it happens I was 4th (apparently it is fashionable for Planet-X athletes - see Gordo's news) I never realised our respective positions and as the finish chute was really narrow, I had already allowed Vikki to enter the finish first. Rob came in 104th overall in 70 min, although he assures me he was running it as a training run at a steady pace. (Well that's his excuse anyway) Last week was another big week with plenty more solid sessions. The Saturday brick session was again 4:30 hour bike (this time indoors on the iMagic = much more graft) and 1 hour run, followed by a swim early evening to finish off the day. On Sunday, I'd entered Rob and I for an early season TT on the HC10/2 Maidenhead thicket course. This was our first test to take out the Stealth's in anger and see what they could do. The day was miserable with a nasty wind and rain storms thrown in for good measure, on a basic out and back course along the A4, known to be rolling with undulations as opposed to hills. This gave us a good chance to get down on the aero bars and get my position 'dialled in'. Not surprisingly the legs were not at their sharpest and it was a tough 27 mins hard work. However the course is notoriously slow with the winners times being 23 min's for the men instead of the usual sub 20. In the end I was second woman but more importantly I was overjoyed with the new bike which felt FANTASTIC! Really reactive, fast and a superb ride is the best way to describe the stealth and it is no surprise it is getting all the plaudits. It is deserving of them all. Well that's all for now - speak to you all again soon Cheers, Fi

7 March 2007


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