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Fiona Ford :: Warm Weather and Scary Moments

Fiona Ford :: Warm Weather and Scary Moments Warm weather and scary moments Here is the latest update from the Planet-X, team Spencer camp and it has its share of highs and lows…. The last few weeks have been going well on the training front, with a few road races and TT's to keep it challenging and getting the sessions done - albeit a little late into the night sometimes after Rob and I get home from work - but that is what Ironman racing is all about. Or so I am told by Rob who has done a few and assures me that walking around like a zombie and not knowing where you are is normal. As is this constant grazing and food cravings for all manner of carbohydrates, just FEED ME !!! So with the Ironman training well underway, the strangeness in preparing for this long distance sport is starting to become evident, with a very simple existence - sleep, work, train and eat. Spencer said to me in one of our early conversations that this long distance malarkey demands a completely different approach to normal short course triathlons, you know what; that guy knows what he is talking about because I totally agree. We booked flights to Nice for a long weekend and course recce after being invited to join friends and a few Serpentine triathletes heading out for some cycling over Easter. Nice is a lovely place but our introduction to it was a little different - Rob sitting in the car park of the airport at midnight surrounded by bike bags and luggage, waiting for me to leg the few kms to T2 and pick up the hire car. That was tame compared to the midnight drive up the winding roads in the hills surrounding Nice to arrive around 1am at our wonderful guest house in the village of Gattieres. The next three days were all gloriously sunny and the riding was fantastic. We rode most of the Ironman course, getting around 300km in 3 days' riding, with our final day spent in Nice to do our LSD run along the Promenade des Anglais. After shelving the swim idea until next time, we soaked our tired legs in a very cold sea. (who needs Ice baths when you have the med in April) So after a fantastic break we flew home to blighty on a strangely punctual flight and was greeted by unseasonably quiet roads on the way home. We did remark that everything had gone a little bit too well, with only one Rob moment (losing his rucksack) when we arrived in Nice - it all changed upon arriving back outside our flat. Having one of those horrible feelings when I opened the front door to our flat to be greeted by a Shimano chainset in the middle of the hallway, not that strange in a triathletes house you may think, but it wasn't there when we left! I froze in the doorway and let Rob go in to check the rest of the flat to confirm the dread that we had in fact been burgled. The scum had broken in and ransacked the place. The usual items had all gone - laptops, phones, jewellery and watches etc. All our belongings were scattered everywhere, clothes out of drawers and all the papers from the office in a pile on the floor. The kitchen window wide open, back door lock and handle broken and basically a really horrible feeling that your secure home is now vulnerable. The police arrived around 1am and after fingerprinting the entire place and making a report and starting to investigate possible leads, we really hope the criminals are caught. The last few days have seen us in the middle of the endless rounds of insurance companies, banks, my IT department at work and authorities to get everything back to normal. So a great weekend spoiled by some thieving parasites who think the world owes them a living. But we are not going to let it affect us and with a fairly hefty bill from the security section in B&Q we are now minimising any down time and back into the swing of things in our new fortress that we call home. And as a final tip for all of you out there remember that not everyone in life is as nice as those in the triathlete community and to be careful when loading up cars to go away. You never know who is watching unfortunately and the bike bags are an obvious giveaway… Be safe and train hard Cheers Fi & Rob P.S. Rob wants to hear from anyone offered a pair of silver cufflinks with the Ironman Motif on them - I think he wants to have a word with the seller - if you know what I mean.

14 April 2007


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