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Hywel :: Early season races

Hywel :: Early season races Milton Keynes 20 mile Sporting TT 21/4/07 Not a tough course but a tad windy out there today. Felt pretty good at the start and set off with the aim of riding consistent laps. Went off relatively hard and seemed to be going well, came to finish of lap 1 and clocked 23.00 dead. 2nd Lap tried to up the pace a little, and tried to get into the hurtbox for the last 5 miles, but it was not there. No lack of trying and no drop off in speed but it just never felt like it was hurting. Finished lap 2 in 23.01 for a 46.01 finish. (2nd lap came in slightly longer therefore faster av speed) Lap... Time... Lap Time.. Speed... min/mile... Avg of Lap... Avg from Start... Dist... Dist from Start 1. 0:23:00.0.. 0:23:00.0.. 27.2.. 2:17.. 26.3.. 26.3.. 10.064.. 10.064.. 2. 0:46:01.5.. 0:23:01.5.. 26.6.. 2:16.. 26.4.. 26.3.. 10.122.. 20.185 Reasonably happy, although i came 3rd to 2 riders by 14 secs who have that course as their local 10, i am pretty pleased with that. I know i have not got the speed at the moment, but then i am not working on it, i am working on riding like a metronome for high mileage and high intensity without blowing up. 20 miles felt too short, and really looking forward to a 50 in 2 weeks time. I certainly felt there was another lap at that speed in there and yes, i should have pushed harder but then i need to train very differently if i am expecting 10 mile Pbs this season. Next TT will be the Cov CC 10, followed by the Warwickshire RC 50 the next day where i will have a go at Mr Cammish's time from last year. Duston Sprint Tri 22/04/07 Solid Swim, not trying too hard but got out in 6.10 which is ok, then faffed about for about a minute in transition, which eventually cost me the race, with 3 strap shoes and a cycle top (all tri suits i own have pockets....not good for swimming in) Out on the bike course, legs a little heavy from yesterday evening's tt but felt ok and came in still with 29 mins showing on the watch. A better 2nd transition and out for my first ever forefoot running race. It felt great, held back a little though and probably could have run a little quicker but reasonably happy to do the event in 54.11. Run for just over 3 miles was 16.46. Happy with that. Finished 2nd overall to Mark Redwood, who i had a chat to on the run in Hawaii...Nice bloke. Learned that i need some one strap shoes, a tri suit without pockets and some elastic bands if i want to do this sprint malarky. But hey...."Its only April", IMUK is not just around the corner.

24 April 2007


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