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Spencer :: Watt's Up?

Spencer :: Watt's Up? Historically, I have been very particular when planning my race season which takes place many months in advance. However, this year, I have been a little less structured and more open to different opportunities. Starting with this weekend, I'm going to kick off my "FUN" season with a local little number here in St. Petersburg, The Madeira Beach Triathlon. It is a sprint race (THANK GOD!!) and is known for it's lively after race activities. After racing in 80 degree + heat, the thought of an ice cold pint slipping down the old nanny, sounds perfect at 8 am in the morning. I am dusting off the pink beauty a.k.a the Pink Stealth and I must admit, I am pretty excited about it. This year I have been doing most of my rides on the new Compact Carbon Road Frame. This took a little getting used too, but now feels as good as it looks. As far as the competition goes, your guess is as good as mine. In the States, there are many strong and talented age groupers that could turn up on the day. That's not taking into account that Professionals drop in at the last minute as well. I never take any race for granted, especially since I just turned 34 last Friday… Am I in great shape? Answer…No. Am I in good shape? Answer…Not really. BUT, Am I having the most fun in the sport for a very long time? Answer…Absolutely! That brings me to the question, are you all having fun in your training and racing? Triathlon is lifestyle which can be very time consuming. When balanced in moderation with other life responsibilities, I believe its rewards far outweigh the sacrifice. Don't you think so? Yours in sprint mode…Spencer.

18 May 2007


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