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Spencer :: Don't Panic!

Spencer :: Don't Panic! I really felt like the body did me a favor. As I mentioned in my earlier article, I am not in great shape right now. However, my body held up with minimum amount of training. It must be those years of putting in the hard miles that got me out of trouble… That brings me to my point. It is very tough sometimes when you have trained all winter and the first "A" race of the year has arrived. Your excitement, motivation, and nervous energy are at a peak. All you want out of the day is a great performance and to see the fruits of your winter labor. Then disaster strikes and you have a "Stinker"…All that hope is replaced with disappointment. It has happened to me on many occasions. You rack your brain trying to put your finger on the culprit. Did I overtrain? Under train? Not enough speed work or too much? These may all be valid points but before you start rearranging your whole training plan, just take a step back and relax. Maybe, just maybe it was the fact that you were expecting too much out of yourself, with it being the first big race of the year. You maybe fit but being race fit is a completely different story. Another and somewhat less scientific reason is that you had an "off day". The body is a strange thing and everyone, I do not care who you are (except maybe Lance Armstrong) is entitled to an "off day". S**t happens. Just stick to the plan, clear your mind of any negative thoughts. The race is over…move on. In fact, that first race probably kick started your next "A" race, where hopefully your goals will come to fruition. Let the pressure begin…. SS

23 May 2007


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