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Hywel - Training So Far

Hywel - Training So Far Since January, i tried to develop a new running style to adapt to forefoot running. The training was going well and i felt that i had made the transition. I was taking minutes off training pbs and felt that this was the year. But many calf tears during minor races put me out of running any half marathons or 10ks and i had to then keep resting and concentrating on the cycling. Cycling has gone well with a few tussles with Ian Cammish and a good ride at the national 50 mile TT. The ergomo has really helped and will be a great tool for triathlons later on. Swimming has also changed and after a season of TI swimming, i have binned it in favour of swimming to my body shape and what works best for me. Early training shows that i have now overcome my open water problems and i am now swimming over 1 min faster per 1k in the pool. So the running, after some specialist treatment it seems that an old hamstring injury from last year is to blame for the injuries and now having gone back to heel striking, all is well and i am quickly having to build up the mileage for IMUK. So Beaver, Trentham, and Antwerp half races and then IMUK will test out a late recovery from what has been a strange season so far.

14 July 2007


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