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Spencer is Back - Tucson 70.3 Training Camp

Spencer is Back - Tucson 70.3 Training Camp Well, with all this racing going on around the globe I really did not want to be left out in the cold, so I have decided to jump into some racing myself ….My big motivation will be to qualify and race the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater FL, as it is only a few miles down the road from where I live and it seems such a waste not to have a dig… In preparation for some of my up and coming races, I am back in Tucson AZ, where believe it or not the weather is perfect for getting in some good training…I thought you might want to have a look at my mini training camp whilst I am here: SS Monday Rest Day Am: 5:50/7.00 Swim: Masters 4K+: Mostly F/C sets that go from 50's to 400's… Tuesday Am.5:50/7.00 Swim: Masters 3ks to 4ks Again F/C with IM sets Run/ PM Tempo 50min: After a good 25 mins @ Mid 6 mins pace per mile add 4*5mins @ 5.50 to 5.35 pace Flat Bike/PM Approx 2hours incorporating some efforts in there up to 5mins in duration Rolling/flat Wednesday am Cycle 4hours w/u intervals up Mount Lemmon a climb that goes up for 25miles efforts range in length @ approx 90% effort Run Transition 45mins @ moderate effort Thursday Am: 5.50/7.0 Swim Masters 4k+ PM: Run Track/Treadmill @ 1% incline 8ks to 10ks Heart rate sets Shorter Intervals Friday Am: 5.50/7.0 Swim Easy set Masters 3/4K Am: Cycle 2 hours Spin/Recovery Saturday Am Cycle Long Ride Group Ride w/u efforts 4 hours Run Transition 40mins @ moderate/strong effort Sunday Am: Run Long run Approx 1.25/1.5hours inclusive of some 1min pick ups to break it up + keep me focused. PM: Swim Easy set 3K On my own: with pull buoy / fins/paddles to get the run out of the legs. PM: Easy spin to the pool approx 1h+ @ 100RPM+

26 July 2007


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