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At the moment, its just another race

At the moment, its just another race In terms of where i was this time last year, its hard to tell. I have done some great bike rides this year with the 1.48 at the National 50 being the best and i have to remember that i am still that rider. However, i have had some knocks to the preparation this year with multiple calf tears and hamstring trouble but 6 weeks ago i could not run 100m let alone a marathon and now its time to test to the limit. I would love another month, but with a few fast 100 mile rides, a few good 20 mile runs and now swimming faster than ever i can only put myself in a position where i can get off the bike in under 6 hours and give myself a fighting chance to go sub 9. The plan is to do a swim somewhere around 55 mins, bike around 4.50 and then try to hang on for a run around 3.10 which would put me close to the magical 9 hour mark. At least the bike will be fun..... Best of luck to the other PX team, especially Scott.

16 August 2007


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