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a tough few weeks racing

a tough few weeks racing in the last four weeks i had completed three middle distance events, (the worlds, trentham middle, a sprint at oswestry, then the relay, and to finnish off was the gruelling wensleydale middle distance. WENSLEYDALE . what a belter of a race, i dont think you will find a tougher course in the country, it has hills, hills, and plenty more hills, and the majorty of them are 1 in 3 climbs. the race got off to a flyer, with a strong swim leading from the start, and had a clear lead going into T1. Thats were the fun ended and the pain and missery began. as soon as you left T1 you were greated with a sharp 1 in 3 climb, followed by a few rolling hills, the up again with a long - long tough climb, which seemed to go on forever, at about half way up it, it was clear that my body was reaching breaking point from the last few weeks, and lacked any sort of power in the legs, but none the less i kept going. i reached T2 sitting in 3rd, but was in no state to challenge, i had shouted to the girlfriend that i was quitting, and get the car ready, as my back and hamstrings were in agony, but once i racked the bike i just couldnt quit, i didnt have it in me. onto the run, it was an out and back 20km fell run, up the steepest hill in the dales, it was brutal, and my body cracked, i reached the top sitting in 5th, but going back down was even tougher, and the last 2 km i was left to a walk, even managed to take the wrong field, so had to leap a few stone walls. i finnished 8th overall, but i have to say that destroyed me, and wasnt even dissapointed with the result, just pleased my mind overcame my weak and broken body. proving sport is 90% mental. Ive now had a week of recovery, and am back in training, with the next big race at bala olympic.

28 August 2007


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