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Kona Countdown - 17 days to go!

Kona Countdown - 17 days to go! I'm putting the finishing touches to a very nice block of September training to prepare me for Kona, culminating in almost 30 hours last week. The majority of this has been on the bike, with almost 20 hours boosted by two 5-6 hour+ rides, so I currently have a solid pair of bike legs, which I hope will start feeling like their human form again soon. The rest of last week was made up of around 8 hours of run training on the roads and trails, with the key long run on Sunday I really enjoyed over approximately 22 miles. Being at 1100m it was tough for stages and it helped having training buddy Lauren along for the first hour! I managed only a few pool sessions last week, mainly as recovery sessions. I know when I've been putting in the training hours when I can't keep up with logging my sessions online in my fitness journal. Spencer resorts to being on the 'wave length' for a few days, before the next rest day comes along and I get all the downloaded data sorted. The Ergo racer software tracks all the sessions on the bike and is starting to show my ability to hold higher intensities developing. There is so much functionality in the software that I'm continually learning the more I use it. Like the power profile! Occasionally I lapse into thinking that IM France was a long time ago back in June. Both Spencer and fiance Rob are both quick to remind me that the preparation for my first IM and those early season miles are still in the bank, which takes the edge off my occasional over-training tendencies. It's easy to think you need that elusive 'one last session' before really hitting the taper, and I can't really get away with that these days - Rob notices everything! For once I'm more than happy to be in great shape and managing to be injury and illness free. A greater risk with long course training especially having upped the ante somewhat in volume the last month. It's a fine line…. I travelled back to the UK yesterday to spend the rest of the week catching up with work and getting packed ready to fly out to Hawaii next Monday. I'm beginning to taper my training, so will have a little more time to get organised. The 'lucky' Xentis wheels have arrived at home, so named after 2 of us on the Planet-X team having won on them. I'm looking forward to reuniting them with their frame partner for Hawaii, the Pro Carbon Stealth. Apparently they aren't speed limited by having the front wheel on the reverse way, however unlike my blonde moment before racking at IM France! The bike is booked in to be serviced on Friday and then it'll be packed and ready to go over the weekend. All my kit and nutrition is sorted for the race, and I'm looking forward to arriving and getting acclimatised next week. We've rented a condo about a mile from the pier, so will be handy enough for the race venue but slightly removed from all the energy-sapping excitement preceding the race. Aloha for now, Fiona

26 September 2007


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