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Spencer :: The Fire Still Burns

Spencer :: The Fire Still Burns Believe me, I've thought about it, take last year for example, I was sure I was finished with racing, my mindset was that I was going to train just to keep fit. However, the competitive mind takes over. Local races then led to a 70.3 race… Already before that 70.3 race, I was thinking about how much I really wanted to race the World Championships in Clearwater. I live right there and how many times can you compete to be World Champion in your home town…Okay, the World's did not go to plan, but it did teach me one thing… I still have that competitive fire burning inside me, which is going to be harder to put out than I thought!!! And to be honest with you, why should I? Mark Allen won Hawaii well into his mid to late 30's and won it well. Racing is like a drug. You do not really want to put yourself in the "Hurt Box" but there is no other feeling like it. Even when you don't get the result you are looking for, you turn the negative into a positive by telling yourself…"Right, that wasn't me out there…I know I can do better than that next time"…and the cycle continues. That brings me to '08. I have been in Tucson, my home away from home for about 4 weeks and at this time of year, it's a hard place to beat weather-wise for training. No epic camps for me, I take the more softly, softly approach. I have been creeping really. Just doing the miles, while enjoying the sun on my back. However, I know that will soon end and I will have to start with more than just miles and time to get up to speed. I must admit though, the tan is coming along nicely. Next week I will go into a little more depth about my training here in Tucson and more about my'08 season plans…. Until then Onwards and Upwards…. Spencer P.S. Nice one Andy!!! …Job Well Done…The first of many if you keep away from them IM's….

6 March 2008


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