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Harry's First....and possibly last blog.

Harry's First....and possibly last blog.  Right where to start.... I HATE BLOGS. There you go I've said it. Perhaps I should go and check if my bike is still in the garage as maybe those three words have magically transported it back to the factory. Even worse i'm doing my first post and I don't have a picture of my shiny new road bike or my super fast time trial machine. Hang about i'd better go check that failure to produce pictures hasn't caused the stealth to dissapear back to Doncaster as well. I raced on a team last year where we were threatened with squad expulsion if we didn't update our blog within 72 hours of a race or every 4 weeks if we hadn't raced. I'm not on that team anymore and as you might find over the coming weeks i'm not very good at updating blogs. The first problem is everybody wants one. I set up my own blog and paid out a months race winning to get the thing designed and when was the last time I updated it properly.... December. Then there is the blog and the blog and the blog , i'm sure i've missed one and i'm going to get an angy call from a sponsor who I haven't name dropped. Actually lates save myself the phone call, Skinfit, Snugg, my parents and kelly college. PHEW thats that out of the way. I wonder if the Planet X boys reads these things maybe my team kit has vanised from the diry pile I left it in by the washing machine this afternoon.. actually that wouldn't be a bad thing, especially if it came back clean. Where was I.... yeah, my next point I wonder if anybody reads these things? in the whole time I wrote blogs for my old team do you know how many comments I got back? Yup, none. At least if thats the case here I can rant away to my hearts content and nobody will get offended. Damm I forgot a sponsor my french team, esmgo Gonfraville the manager emailed me last week saying "je suis assez etonne de ne pas avoir de nouvelles de vous quelle soient sportives ou amicales!!" which roughly translates as "Where is your blog you lazy english git!!" The problem is I am just about good enough at writing to know that i'm not very good at writing, if anyone ever comments on my blogs its normally an old teacher or my mum complaining about my atrotious spelling and grammer and letting me know that it is an insult to the countless hours they spent raising and educating me. (there's my point how do you spell attrotious? this thing hasn't got a spell check) Even if my spelling and grammer was ok, then what to write about? I could go on about how awesome my bike is and how great my sponsors are, but then i'm hardly going to slag them off as ummm they are sponsoring me. I suppose the best I can say on that front is that a number of companies offered me deals Planet x didn't offer me any money but i'm riding their bike, and unless they take my bike back for telling you that then I'm very happy i've made the right decision. So if i'm not going to rave about the bike's, what does that leave me with? I could work on the traditional blog of trying to make myself sound good enough to deserve sponsorship again next year without coming across as arrogant or thinking that i'm something special. That normally involves a cheesy picture of me at a race in team kit followed by a blow by blow account of how I either had a great one and would like to thank all my sponsors without whom none of this would be possible or if I had a shocker how i'm taking the positives and it's all a learning experience so with the help of my sponsors i'm going to be great next time. Na I can't face that i'm boring myself just writing it, so can't imagine what it would be like to read it, actually I can, because i've seen the ones on other websites (not the ones from planet x athletes of course) Ok, rack your brain.... how are you going to do this then? The Planet X boss told me it's all about creating something interesting and unique that people want to read about, you get the best coverage by telling the best story, "tell em how you slept your way around the europe race scene or something." Now I wish I could regail you with tales or my sexual promiscuity and reel off a list of broken hearts that I have left in my wake as I travel the international scene but firstly that would be the last time I got invited home for mums Sunday roast and secondly if your training and racing hard enough to do well both your labido and your ability to make up interesting stories about it take a tumble. Eureka thats it, I could do the "I train so hard, my life is so tough no body gives me any funding", if you listen carefully you can just about here the violin playing blog. The only problem with that is that I don't have to sit behind a desk everyday, i'm my own boss I love what i'm doing and I wouldn't swap it for anything in the world at the moment, the funding bit, well I won't get started but you get my point too many people use their blogs to have a winge and a moan. So i'm running out of options, and starting to wonder where i'm going with this blog (I wonder that with most blogs I write), I thought the first half of the post out on this mornings run, but it was an accelerated run so by the second half i'd stopped thinking about blogs and wasn't thinking much past "ouch". I was training with an athlete (who I won't name) last year, they had just won a big race and were doing a phone interview with 220 magazine. The interviewer wanted to know all about how the athlete relaxed, what they did for fun, what their hobbies were, their favourite colour, whether they'd eat their own legs if they were made of chocolate etc etc. The athlete just said "look stop asking me these stupid questions the reason I win races is because I train bloody hard and I love it, that's it, train harder than anyone else sleep and repeat without getting distracted by all the other crap your talking about. now go and print that." So that's it, i'll second that. I have just taken a Look at Gavin (I ride a pink Planet X) Nobles website now this is the aim, it's updated regularly it is brilliant at describing the life of a semi pro trying to graft a living on the circuit and ultimatly get an Olympic slot. It's hilarious and it's not taking itself too seriously. Infact alot of the elite athletes are regular visitors to Gav's site because he's spot on. So there we go, gav's already done it, thats my conclusion go read Gav's blog it's classic. I write only just about well enough to know that I don't write very well, it's taken me the best part of an hour to scribble this and honestly, Have I got a laugh yet? probably not. Maybe I should stick to swimming biking and running as hard as I can then repeating it until I beat all the other athletes who arn't training as hard as me because they are too busy writing blogs; who knows If I go fast enough perhaps the news stories will be on the bbc website and i'll never have to write another blog again in my life. Failling that i'm going to keep them very short and sweet in the future. I may even take a leaf out of julie's book and find pictures of naked men doing time trials then I'll just post the pictures and won't force you to endure my ramblings at all.

14 April 2008


  • Iain

    Oi you!!!! I'm sure I remember commenting on your last teams blog. I'm not a stalker honest, you just keep turning up on websites I'm browsing :-) Good Luck with PX Harry, maybe you can teach Hywel how to swim. Iain

  • Johnny Nicol

    Nice one Harry, made me laugh. Have a good year

  • andy

    Don't worry Harry - We're reading - Nice first post ;-) Your first 2 comments don't count though - One from yourself as a pingback and one from someone blithering on about UFO's or something. Nice start - Keep up the good work.

  • Harry Wiltshire » Blog Archive » Confessions of A Triathlete… Why I am useless at Website updates…

    talk is cheap, but we will see.  I have just written a blog entry for the planet X boys basically explaining how bad I am at writing Blogs, but then you will already know that.

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