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TTT Team A - Step forward AND be counted - the online v

TTT Team A - Step forward AND be counted - the online v The national Team trial trial is the most feared event on the Planet X racing calendar , a true test of a riders skill and ability to withstand the gruesome pain of of Randleisation - the immediate and prolonged build up of lactic acid until the body ceases to functions . Historically the TTT is a big priority for the team and in its various guises over the years , going back to the all conqueering Optimum Performance quartet of the late 90s , this year is no exception and there could be an A and B team , but team selection is not running smooth. Previous teams have invariable involved the trio of Mark Lovatt - a true flandrian whose ability to ride a wheel and rivet ride a whole event makes him a must have in any planet x A team , his sparring partner , hardman and legend of the northern road scene of Wayne "the train" Randle , a commonwealth medalist in the discipline and who expects the ultimate commitment from his fellow team members , and of course the equally tough , and super reliable , twice british pro champion John Tanner who simply never misses a turn. With the retirement of John Tanner - there is a need for a fellow team rider to rise up to the challenge , - however Randles superb form and leg buckling pace changes is causing a reluctance of members of the planet x racing team to step up to the plate , its the cycling equivalent of the penalty shootout , where the real true men of sport must stand forward and show what they are made of - if none comes forward soon we will be forced to put it to the vote and let planet x customers decide The contenders Ian Cammish The 9 time BBAR is a legend of british time trialling and has recently hit a rich vein of form , could he contribute to the changes of pace needed to contribute equal turns to a Randle - Lovatt train ? He says not and the silver fox is hiding in his lair quivering waiting and hoping for a younger buck to take the strain . Verdict - Hes so unkeen its not true , the mere sight of Randles calfs has the same affect as a drop of rain - put on the driving gloves and go home . Odds - 25-1 for the A team but a B team certainty . Ray Eden The comeback kid , a stalwart of planet x history , with a superb palmares including stage wins at the Rs , points race victories , and a 100 mile championship to his credit . Eden is the man that joined the all conqueering optimum performance team back in the late 90s following a reccomendation by no less than Randle himself with the infamous introduction "hes reet strong that fat kid tha wants to get im in t team Duggie"
After a long layoff Ray is the one rider whose mental capacity and stubborness could see him be the one to stand forward , his road racing ability sets him apart as :"on paper" the best man for the job , but the mental scars of a solid drubbing by a Randle / Tanner combination in a TTT comeback last season are still fresh , and a lack of 08 racing miles means hes hiding in the corner right now . .
Verdict - With another 8 weeks hard training would have been an A team certainty , a probable A Team reserve , but when the fire starts burning hes so single minded even Randle might want a day off .
Odds - 6-1
Sam Barker
Sams been cranking out some solid performances , hugely powerful make no mistake Randle is convinced Sam can "be the man" but Barker claims to have been told by his doctor not to ride at all this season due to having glandular fever and apparentl "isnt even training" - which probably explains the sub 50 minute 25s , - has recently locked himself in his cellar and is steadfast in his refusal to be A team material .
Verdict - Randle is convinced its got to be Sam and Sam is convinced its not got to be .
Odds - 8-1
Hywel Davies
The dark horse , the self proclaimed "fittest man in the world" is a legend of cross training , his forays into the world of triathlon and time trialling have yielded superstrong performances and signs of brilliance . Randle questions a triathletes ability to ride a wheel and could be a weakness .
A full time teacher who this season is racing double Ironman UK and currently putting in some brutally tough training , with his mental strength , self confidence and ability to suffer theres a growing belief that Hywel will be the man to step forward from the shadows , bypass the B team and go straight into Randles A team . In Hywels mind there might only one question on race day when Davies gives Randle the killer look - are you man enough Randle .
Verdict - Favourite by default due to extreme self confidence bordering on the delusional , the hurt box could be getting a whole lot darker .
Odds - 2-1
Andy Sexton
Planet x sales manager "triathlon Andy" appears to be taking pretty well to time trialling recently rattling out a 52 minute 25 .
Extreme inexperience and just a nice guy make Andy the proverbial lamb to the slaughter. Could be a key test of his commitment to the company - should his fellow team members disappear into the shadows he might be needed to take up the mantle , in a sort of forlorn long shot david and goliath way .
Verdict - The last resort and will probably never touch his bike again .
Odds - 50-1

4 June 2008


  • gary speight

    i am still mentaly scared from riding a tt with sid randall,i would rather go to iraq and ride there local 1o mile tt in baghdad than a tt with wayne. i love this kid to bits , but the next time you watch a rocky movie remember balboas training is a piece of cake compared to randalls

  • Hywel

    I've been conned...i thought this was a fair poll, but cos i said i dont mind riding i've been stuck in the A team. Entry in the post, should be there by Tues

  • to55er

    Hello Graham...that was you I sat opposite one year at the BBAR do wasn't it? I do hope anything I said won't have a directly proportional effect on the number of corners or hills that the course is going to have? The more flat, well surfaced, traffic laden, dual carriageways the better ok? Entries should be going in the post today (hopefully) ...just got a few more coins to flick and short straws to pull! Cheers.

  • Graham Green

    I'm the organizer of the TTT and entries Close on Tues 10th June and i've not recieved your entries yet, hope they are in the post !!!

  • to55er

    We're really just playing hard to get Aran! We all want to do it (really) but we're all true gentlemen and don't want to steal any possible limelight.

  • Lord of time

    Would love to have a go with such an 'ard man' legend and surprised all you other PX riders aren't chomping at the bit to ride with him. Whats wrong wi ya!?!

  • to55er

    It would be interesting to see what the customer vote is! I bought a beanie hat and a power bar fifteen years or so vote goes to Hywel!

  • andy

    50-1!! I've been robbed. If you want me to line up with those two I'm wanting at least 500-1 and a free £10 bet.

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