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The TTT - Ian reports in from an "easy" club run

The TTT - Ian reports in from an Well we finally managed to perm 2 teams of three riders out of the 7 down on the start sheet for the weekend’s National Team Time Trial Championship – but the selection process was by no means a formality! Ray had knackered his back during the week and was doubtful from close of play Friday. Lucky for Ray, because “close of play” is about 5pm which is a couple of hours before the weather forecast on BBC’s local News and as soon as I saw that I, kind of, developed some sort of ailment myself I don’t like riding in the rain (tell us about it / get on with it you wuss…edited by Dave). Anyway, I thought I’d still better make the effort and perhaps we could talk about it like grown adults over a cuppa in the HQ beforehand. When I arrived though, Ray looked mean ….almost as mean as Andy looked ill! I felt sorry for him! He said he’d been up since 3! Since I was the oldest one there (by far…edited by Andy) I thought I’d better try and put his mind at rest and tell him that team time trials were always considered to be like club runs when we used to ride them in the GS Strada days. Between us, we won quite a few team time trials and, looking back, they always seemed to be pretty easy at the time. Whether or not I’d still find them a “breeze” 25 years on remained to be seen, but for the sake of the team I tried to tell everyone that if we did this one properly we’d be ok…nothing to worry about ok? It soon dawned on me how bad my memory’s getting though. As we rode up to the start we got overtaken by the De Rosa team and I thought it would be a good idea to warm up behind them…you know nice small gears, getting the legs round fast without actually putting in the effort! Seemed like a good idea at the time and although it was quite fast I must admit having a wry smile to myself as I thought “hey…these guys are changing on the wrong side” (probably why they ended up winning the damned thing and why we came tenth!!) - but I was soon brought back down to earth! As we hadn’t ridden together before, the first few miles were a bit “scrappy” to say the least. We had a bit of a chat about it (!!!) and eventually got things sorted so by the time we’d reached the first turn at 9 miles or so were going reasonably well (my computer showed a maximum speed of 44 mph!). Just after the turn though, Sam changed down and wedged his chain so that he had to dismount to rectify the problem. Just as he was doing this, our A team of Wayne, Mark and Hywell were having problems of their own (Wayne had punctured one of his “Dugasts…ones with the nice white walls…well its 5hit or bust innit?”) and they appeared on the horizon on their second lap. ‘twas like the bleedin’ cavalry I thought! No-one would ever know if we did a quick re-jig of the team’s line ups…would they? But it wasn’t to be! Hywell was enjoying the company he was with too much (have a look here - the threads been high jacked a bit, but you get the gist?). Although we did get going again (with the original line up too….honest!) I think we’d all realised we weren’t going to do owt so just tootled along to the finish to keep warm (isn’t that right Andy?). Despite the soaking and “mechanicals” we experienced, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and buoyed by last Friday’s RAAM (Race Across America) documentary on Channel 4 the Team is seriously considering putting an entry in for that – of course Dave hasn’t told them yet but I’m sure Wayne and Hywell would be up for it. I think I’ve got a dentist appointment round about then though…..

7 July 2008


  • andy

    The only thing that was tootling was my arse 'cause I was breathing so hard out of it :)

  • Sam

    Nicely tongue in cheek there at all!

  • andy

    Tootled, yes, that's exactly how I remember it. ;)

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