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Relays update - PX ladies take 3rd spot

A close battle between last years winners BRAT, the team Grrrrrrrrr and PX ladies saw the PX team of Sophie Whitworth, Emilie Verroken, Fiona Ford and Cat Morrison take 3rd place, just 15 seconds behind BRAT and a further couple of minutes behind the Grrrrrrrrr girls.

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With Cat's fourth bike leg and Sophies first run closing the gap to just 15 seconds at one point, last minute stand in (after probably our strongest team member Julie Dibens had to pull out due to a serious illness in the family) Emile took on the considerable challenge of chasing down Team Grrrrrrrrrr's Jodie Stimpson who put in a stellar performance on leg three of the run.

Cat storms out of T2 on her way to the fastest run of the day

Despite storming run legs from Fiona and the fastest run of the day from Cat the team couldn't quite close the second and third place teams down. A surprise showing from Planet X "sponsored rider" and our supposed team reserve Rosie Clarke in slot four for team Grrrrrrrr was a little hard to swallow (now I know why she'd not been answering my phonecalls or emails for the last couple of weeks ;) ) Julie D has promised to give her a a good going over at London next week to make up for it.

Another podium finish

Another years relays are over, and once again it has to be said that it goes down as one of the best weekends in British triathlon. If your team haven't entered before, it should be on your must do list for 2009.

The most worrying (I'd even go as far as to say harrowing) moment of the weekend had to be Cat Morisson pulling out what looked very much like an oily bike cleaning rag from her bike bag and unwrapping a large (and somewhat green) day old piece of Pizza from within, then proceeding to munch the lot of it while waiting for the prize giving. Maybe there's something in it that makes her go so damn fast.

2 August 2008


  • andy

    It gets really confusing trying to work out who's on what lap. Fi was probably a lap or more up when that shot was taken.

  • Reginald Molehusband

    Nice to see the Planet X rider storming past the competitor on her mountain bike complete with nobbly tyres, hardly evenly matched steeds!

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