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Une Journee Noir pour le anglais

Une Journee Noir pour le anglais Well thats what Mondays article in the french newspaper said. Pete crashed and I hopped around after crashing the week before. The 6 hour bus journey back to the ferry port wasn't a hole lot of fun. Pete was stuck to the bus seat with oozing road rash, my Pelvis had a nice big twist in it and there was silence apart from the two team managers arguing about exactly how useless we were and what the point was in having the English if they wern't going to get le equipe promoted. Still there is one more race to go and if we all race well we will still be going back to the first division. London this weekend, we are both healing up quickly and the t.v cameras will be out, so we''ll be doing our very best to spread the Planet X word from the front of the field!

4 August 2008


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