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Spencer :: Flip Flopping Part 2

Part 2 of 2: Flip- Flopping: The details Just arrived back to Florida after three pretty hard weeks of IM training…I am feeling a little tired but happy to get the miles in and some intensity under my belt. I have decided to race a sprint race of all things this weekend before my trip over to England and the “Little Woody “which is next weekend (16th August)…I really just want to give myself a little run out after several weeks of just training, coupled with the fact that a sprint really does not take too much out of the system in this heat. As promised, here is look at what got me such a good tan in Tucson, AZ… Monday: As it has been for most of my career a rest day…Although I did go for a nice easy spin down to the coffee shop on my last Monday, as I was travelling all day Tuesday. Tuesday: AM: Bike: Approx 2hours steady tempo of mixed terrain approx 45 miles in distance…Average around 245 –250 watts working the hills and false flats Midday: Swim: Approx 4,200 yrds a mixture of IM/Pull with paddles/ kick…Nothing special but normally feel pretty good after the ride. PM: Run: Treadmill @ 1% incline w/u 20 to 25 minutes then 6*1 mile @ under IM pace approx 20 to 25 seconds with 2 to 2.5 minute recovery between each mile repeat. Total approx 75 minutes Wednesday: AM / PM: Bike: approx 115 miles @ 220 to 240 watts average @ approx 20.5 / 21mph average. Varied Terrain T-Run: 1 hour @ a IM pace or a little under if heart rate cooperated on treadmill @ 1% Thursday: AM: Run: very aerobic 70 to 75% of HR approx 45 minutes no more, no less AM: Swim: Longer aerobic freestyle set approx 4 to 4.5g in length (e.g 10*300) PM: 2nd Run shorter faster intervals e.g. 2 minutes @ 30/5 seconds under IM pace with 1minute recovery @ IM pace * 10 approx 70 minutes in total Friday: AM: Bike: Mtn Lemmon intervals approx 3*10K intervals @ approx 330 to 350 watts. Recovery is riding down the hill and then I begin again. Total length of ride approx 3hours with warm up and warm down PM: Swim: Faster shorter swim IF not too tired, although I am normally quite tired to get the real quality in approx 4 to 4.5g MASSAGE!!!! Saturday: See Wednesday Sunday: AM: Run: approx 2h 15 minutes HR run…Working the hills PM: Either a recovery swim of mostly pull with the paddles on or a recovery ride of 1.5hours @ 100RPM+. Small chain ring stuff to get the run out of the legs…NO COMPUTER just enjoying the scenery PM: 2nd run 30 minutes @ IM pace + 30 to 40 seconds IM = Ironman , HR= Heart rate, w/u= Warm up I did get most of these sessions in…Perhaps I did miss a couple??…C’mon I am 35 now!!! Like I said, I am not really sure how I will feel this weekend but it will be nice to give it full gas and be all up and dusted in well under the hour!!! Next time in filling you in, I will be on home soil…4 weeks and counting to IMUK!!!

7 August 2008


  • Rony

    Spencer, you were racked up next to me at Tarpon Springs a week or so ago... I was the big guy wi the Giant OCR....Congrats again on the win.... Well under an hour indeed

  • Michael

    Spencinator, Hope you and the family are well. Will be watching and reading about you in all the Triathlete Media coverage. "S square" gear looks Marvelous, will be looking to get a long sleeve Jersey or a S square track jacket in the future. You'd better be making some stuff for us big guys with larger muscles. LOL!

  • Rob

    Cmon 35 pull the other one - looks more like 45 to me !!!! See you in a week or so big man - looking forward to the fun in the hills of south wales :-)

  • Dermot Galea (MALTA)

    Hi Spencer, I am really happy you are back to Ironman races, especially as you are doing Ironman UK, and I will be racing there. I really hope to meet you as you are one of my triathlon heros. Wish you all the best and great result!