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Cammish :: Win at the National 12hr!

Cammish :: Win at the National 12hr! So okay I wasn’t riding a Planet X bike to win the National 12 but I didn’t really expect to finish the event let alone get as far as a photographer! Bearing in mind how close a finish it was (less than a minute ahead of Carl Ruebotham) I wish I’d taken it a bit more seriously now because the Stealth would have been worth at least another mph wouldn’t it? It probably wouldn’t have made the event any easier though, because I’d still have to have sat on the damned thing for twelve hours which is the thing I’ve always found hard to come to grips with. In set distance events, the faster you go the sooner you finish…but in the twelve hour no matter how fast (or slow) you go you’ve got to do it for twelve hours…..which is why (IMO) anyone who finishes a twelve is a winner. So, 29 years after winning my first National Championship…..and 19 years after winning my last….all of a sudden I’m an expert on the subject!!! What made the difference this time around then? Having Mr Dawson not enter helped - as did the fact that Nik Bowdler decided not to start! Joe Public says anybody who is any good must be in Beijing….so what’s the big deal? To me…..just that I’ve achieved something I’ve never done before. I’m a 51 year old grey haired clapped out tester (edited by Dave – Planet X boss - somewhere along the way there) and thought I had a bit of decent form this year…..I’ve won other Nationals and broken a few records over the years but have taken such batterings in the majority of twelves I’ve ridden that I honestly never thought I’d see the day I’d win the National. OK….certain riders weren’t there (Dr Hutch taking time out to hand bottles up to Mr Platts), Paul Smith content enough with his Breckland ride….the list goes on….but this was the National and, as they say, you have to be in it to win it and I was well pleased with HOW I did it too! No battering this time around…no bad patches….just a good sound, controlled, steady ride with a race on the finishing circuit when I could see how everyone else was going. The last hour really was good! (I NEVER thought I’d EVER be able to say that about a 12!) as it was spent racing against Carl (we crossed each other twice each time on the finishing circuit). After spending most of the day keeping relaxed, eating, drinking, conserving energy by using small gears etc I was now actually racing using the 12 and 13 sprockets “giving it some” – I finished at the time keeper just the other side of Little Chesterford and had a little more than 5 minutes to wait to know I’d scraped it!’s only the National 12…but me being “made up” would be a gross mis-use of the English language. Thanks all!

20 August 2008


  • to55er

    Bit premature that! Not gouing to count my chickens before the horse has bolted while the irons hot in the bush and all that....there's still the Team Swift 100 to come! I'll feel a bit more relaxed about it if I'm still in second place after that. Carl and Paul don't have to improve much AND there's a certain Andy Wilkinson who could still WIN it THIS YEAR if he really wanted! Come to think of could I...I don't have to do anything I haven't one before! ;-)

  • to55er

    (no88er's getting married!)

  • no88er

    will do cheers the new pic bro!!

  • to55er

    ....can now confirm there's nowt wrong with a bit of retro Brant...all system's go then!

  • brant

    So we all set to go for that retro steel tt project now Ian??

  • Anonymous

    .....no88er mate....not long to go now eh? Enjoy the next two or three weeks of freedom bro'.....

  • no88er

    awesome bro...

  • to55er

    Talking to Paul Holdsworth after the event...he said he was praying for more rain in the afternoon so that I'd pack! Wasn't that bad was it....our Neoprene TT oversocks are superb and an absolute steal at the price! Nice warm feet all day...but they looked like I'd spent 12 hours in the bath after......small price to pay to keep warm though!

  • to55er

    ...coming from a DOUBLE Ironman.....that means a lot. Cheers mate.

  • Hywel

    One word.....LEGEND

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