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Spencer :: Ready to Rumble

Spencer :: Ready to Rumble D-Day is nearly here, two days and counting…I must admit, I do feel very good indeed. I am relaxed and most importantly excited to race the Ironman again after a small hiatus from the distance. My training over the last few weeks has taken me from Florida to Tucson, Arizona back to Florida and finally to the West Country, here in England. Now that is what I call a variety in training venues and climates along with the added advantage of keeping things interesting, which is probably why I don’t feel the normal fatigue of IM training? This time around I have cut my taper down to two weeks (instead of my usual three) and the body seems to be responding nicely, of course Sunday will be the true test and like I have always said, you only need one person to make the race f***ing hard. So when the flag drops on Sunday and the talking stops along with bulls***t , I just want to be able to walk away from my IMUK, and as my dad would say “I gave it to them bad!!!” Meaning… job done…I want a result!!! Until Then, Spencer

5 September 2008


  • Ian E

    Well done Spencer on a great race and result.Good to see the tri hero and inspiration for many back and on form.

  • kevin holt

    m8 well done champ 4th place great sessin that you have had or what !!!

  • Paul Bashforth

    Great to see you back racing a full Iron Spencer! Hope you have a blast out there and really give it some. Look forward to tracking your progress tomorrow and seeing a fantastic result! Cheers Paul

  • Allan (San Diego)

    You go Spencer! Have a Great Race and kick some ass!

  • kevin holt

    you go and nail it at the week end i will be keeping up to date with ou at work buddy on ironman live

  • David

    Great to hear you have your fighting hat on mate! Give all you have and show them how iit should be done. As a good friend of Mr Butler and Reed who's now in a slightly warm climate (Cyprus) I missed you every time you were over to see the boys...maybe when you have this one all in the bag you can head over here and get some warm/windy training in for the Big Island. David (the missing planet x triathlete).

  • Chip Van Halen

    GOOD STUFF! Walk the walk! Spencer, We wish you and Nick all the best and we want a result! Enjoy the day! And make it hurt. From the team here at Velos Planet-x FRANCE. Wishing we were there to watch Chip & Anne-Sophie