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Planet-X Big Weekend - top 5 places 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5

Planet-X Big Weekend - top 5 places 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 Its been a big weekend for Planet-X, and some of our top athletes have been globetrotting and laying it on the line. Whilst not exactly a clean sweep its a sort of 1-2-3-4-5 1st - Rebecca Keat - shows her heavy IM Hawaii training schedule is starting to pay dividends with a strong victory in the Singapore 70.3, with the win overall and fastest bike split Beks showing great late season form following her early season setbacks. 2nd Cat Morrison - at 70.3 Monaco world duathlon champion cat morrisson showed she's fully recovered from her mid season knee operation and was a strong second on the supertough 70.3 Monaco course. Read her report here... We think she gets a Hawaii slot but we have no indication whether she'll take it. 3rd Susa Buckenlei - at IM UK, shes our German team captain and shes just come through at IM UK to capture the 3rd podium spot. She always sends us chocolates at christmas so is pretty much guaranteed a place on the team. 4th Spencer Smith - at IM UK - the big man narrowly missed the podium but in his first IM race for almost 2 years and on the back of only 10 weeks training Spencers done himself proud. We think hell pick up a Hawaii slot and is there any chance he'll go back to face the Hawaii demons that have been so unkind to him. 5th Nick Saunders - at IM UK - a solid race from Nick to round out the top 5, thats three IM top 10 finishes this year, and two in the top 5, hell probably be a touch disappointed but hey, he was top Channel Islands finisher. Update: Just got back from a long cold and most of all windy day down at IMUK. A tough day for all the athletes. Spencer and Nick both commented on how tough the course was and how cold it was out there. A full report from Spencer and Nick tomorrow, but for starters here's a load of photos from the day... [gallery]

8 September 2008


  • Simon

    Back at work after a long day at IM UK (Spectator). Congrats to Spencer , Nick & Planet X. Age 43 & doing my first sprint at Bodmin in three weeks & have also put in entry for 70.3 Wimbleball 2009. Who knows maybe full IM as well next year, we'll see. Had great time yesterday & found it very inspiring, well done to all who started.

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