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Hawaii Countdown - Planet X Pro's Ready to Rock

Hawaii Countdown - Planet X Pro's Ready to Rock The BIG ONE - The Hawaii Ironman World championships is coming. Next Saturday sees the best Ironman athletes in the world line up in Kona to take on the Hawaii heat, wind and of course the best oppostion anywhere. Anyone who's anyone will be there, both age groupers and pro's. Team Planet X are in with a shout of top placings with both Ironman Arizona winner Joszef Major, Belgian pro Loic Helin and Ozzy superstar Rebekah Keat lining up. Read on for Bek Keat's first "text" report in from the big island... "I arrived t the warm thick air of kona's big island! I felt a great sense of calm as I stepped off my Hawaiin Airlines flight with a smile as I remember my time here last year. My smile war turned into a frown when I heard once again that they lost my bag! Fortunately though I had learnt from last years experience and packed run, swim and bike gear into my carry on bag, so it realy didn't bother me too much. That's one thing about this island of volcanoes, you never know what they will spit out at you and I came this year prepared for ANYTHING. I know there will be bigger rocks to didge than that one. Took a bus ride to the start of the energy lab with a bunch of 60 chattery australian tri travellers to start my day today. The heat is building on the Queen K highway and it's not even 9am. With the help of Shane and Tif from Tri Travel we were kept hydrated for the 15km slog. Everyone joked about how crap we'll feel at this point next Saturday! I enjoyed a great meal this evening, feeling right at out at the Outback Pub, especially with our 72 year old Ozzy waitress Wilma. In the company of some icons of the sport, Stephen Vuckovik and THE MAN Thomas"Hellreigel Lots of laughs and the food definatel comes recommended"

6 October 2008


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