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Spencer - Nice One Chrissie

Spencer - Nice One Chrissie First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Chrissie Wellington on another very impressive performance. I really do believe she is making the pro women (and some of the men) step up their game to reach the next level. Was there really any doubt though going into the race that she was not going to come away from the big Island with another world title in the bag? On the men’s side of things, if an Australian has to win, then you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy than Craig Alexander. He captured the title in true Mark Allen style, on the run… at only his second attempt that is true class. On a slightly different note it was great to see Planet X bikes get an honorable mention on the bike count this year in Hawaii. When you look at the size of some of the bike companies Planet X was on par with, it shows somewhere along the line the word is getting out. Good news indeed!! On a personal note, although IMUK didn’t net me the victory I was of course going for, it was fantastic to see S2 clothing out there. Whether it was an S2 Planet X outfit or just the private collection, it was vey promising and gratifying, as it has taken quite a bit of leg work to get a project like S2 up and running. Next year we are looking to do some technical changes to the brand but I will be keeping the cut of the clothing the same to a certain degree. Many thanks for your support…Talking of support, the amount I received at IMUK was truly fantastic I just wish I could have delivered the victory to match it. Even though my response to all the cheering was a silent one, it certainly was not lost on me and I am going to be perfectly honest with you here, it kept my spirits up in a big way on what turned out to be a very tough day indeed… Let me switch the focus to next year a little. With the economy in the toilet for the minute and the race season in the UK drawing to a close; it seems a perfect time to get some very early winter miles in. The first advantage of this being that it clears the head from all the negativity the media likes to spout off at us 24/7 and the second more important advantage being that when the 09 season rolls around, (and it does before you know it) you could have set yourself up very nicely for your best season ever….I will leave you with that thought in mind and on a positive note. Spencer

17 October 2008


  • steve birtwistle

    You racing in Clearwater in a fortnight? If you are best of luck. I'll be somewhere in the middle of the pack. Hope you can manage to get your nose out in front! Best wishes Steve Check out this on Chrissie on Facebook

  • kev holt

    hey champ, saw the ironman uk on tv other day when you came 4th, i was hopen that you would get the win. see you were using a disk did you find that hard on such a hilly course ??? great write up keep us alldated kev

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