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The BBAR....and more!

The BBAR....and more! I can remember a time when the winner of the BBAR was virtually guaranteed a front page picture on the Comic…not any more though eh? The editorial team clearly don't think much of the competition and I don't think any of us came out of their end of season report too well…not a dicky bird about the women's competition, NikB won the men's competition by default (apparently!) because Dawson and Hutchinson didn't ride, and I'm too old and I should know better (my Mrs would probably agree with that….but she thinks I'll grow out of it when I go through adolescence…bless her!). Despite the competition not getting the same coverage it used to, I still think it's Britain's major season long time trial competition. Forget it's title. Everyone knows it's winner isn't REALLY a true all rounder. We've all known that for years - well I most definitely wouldn't have EVER won it if it had been would I? We all know the competition "simply" involves riding a 50, a 100 and a 12 hour - not hill climbs, sporting courses or sportives. Those are the rules…the winner didn't make them up...those who take part didn't make them up….they've been the same since the year "dot" and that's what makes it so easy to understand! It's just unfortunate that it's called the British Best All Rounder...that's all! There's been talk of re-jigging the format of the competition (there's been talk for years….it was even being considered in my day) but I don't think dropping the 12 (as suggested in the Comic) is a realistic option. In my opinion it’s the 12 that makes it the competition it is…..I hate the ba5tards (12s…not those who have been talking about dropping them…hmmm…come to think of it…..) but wouldn't for one minute suggest dropping it, because the sense of achievement you get from getting one right, or indeed getting round one at all, takes some beating. I say…leave the competition alone and respect it's winners. Well done NikB and Lynn…and congratulations to anyone who completed the distances (it aint easy is it?). Now if you don't like 12s (infact if don't like anything over 25 miles come to that!) or sporting courses, consider what it would be like if the sun shone everyday, you had a tailwind everywhere you went and there was a season long competition held on some of the fastest courses in the country… know..the Q10/19, V718, U47, P885, M25 etc…well there's going to be next year! The events have been confirmed with the organizing clubs and full details will be available shortly. It'll be sponsored by Planet X with additional support from a company in the process of re-inventing their products ……definitely something different! OK…so in reality the sun might not shine every day, it's unlikely that you'll have a tailwind everywhere you go and you probably won't be riding on the M25 (durr…that's a motorway in case you missed it…ok?) but I've sorted out lots of events on courses where you start at the top of a hill and finish at the bottom and the vast majority of them are on REAL dragstrips (well that's what we really want isn't it?) so there'll definitely be some fast times done. The only problem is... if you want a slice of the action in as much as the overall prizes are concerned you'll have to ride them old skool (although you can ride them using all the latest gizmos if you really want but that strikes us as being far too sensible!). For more information see here

17 October 2008


  • Ade

    A up can i ride me track bike, in your new compitition ,will it be alright if i drll me brake leavers ,wear me hair long with a sweat band.truth is even if i rode me super duper aero bike with all bells and whisltes ,you top dogs will still beat me by three days two hours and thirty secs in a twenty five ,christ ian ever think you been riding to long ,i have ,even being wacked by a truck on the A1 did nt stop me,oh well in for penny in for a pound I may well turn out for the ones down my end,god knows how slow i will be on a road bike,good luck with it all . AF

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