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Back on Track with a win in Newport

Back on Track with a win in Newport

Round 3 of the Newport Winter track-racing season provided my first win in a favourite event of mine The Devil Take the Hindmost. The “Devil”, a race in which all riders start on the track at the same time and one-by-one the last rider over the line each lap is eliminated is a battle of brain and brawn.

Last night offered a new twist with the A riders league beginning the race first and battling it out until only 3 riders remained, only to be joined by the B riders to start the race again.

In total I think I completed over 60 laps. It came down to the final two riders and I was able to make my move in the final lap and take the win.

The racing started hard with a 20 lap scratch race, (I finished 3rd) followed by a 50-lap points race (3rd again) and then a 2km dash (you guessed it 3rd again). From now on I shall be know as Richard the 3rd! The “Devil” was the final event of the evening rounding of a great nights racing.

I have been riding the Planet X Pro Carbon Track bike for nearly a year. The first time was in the Revolution 19 track meeting at Manchester back in January and over the year I have begun to see them popping up at track events all over the country. Last night five of the bikes were Planet X Pro Carbon with Carbon 50 wheels and I expect that over the next couple of years it will start to replace Dolan as the track bike of choice.

[caption id="attachment_2271" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Taking the track by storm"] [/caption]

Head-cam footage of last weeks 8 lap scratch race is on you-tube and proving very popular with over 300 views! Visit Momentoftruthtv on YouTube. I will post last nights scratch race very soon.

29 October 2008


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