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Spencer :: Plans for '09

Spencer :: Plans for '09 As I sit here in Florida preparing to tackle my 4th year with Planet X, my 19th time around the block, now is a great time to bring up the ‘09 race season; so what are you doing about it? The triathlon race calendar is now so choc full of events that it is easy to find a race that fits a person’s personal goals or strengths. You may need to book some race events a year in advance, due to them selling out almost instantaneously when they become available, BUT that just gives you more time to get it right when you do get on the start line…Right? I have been to a few so called “BIG” events in my time. Some have been great and some not so much…So what makes an event memorable? The result: If you come away with a win and some cash in your pocket, or a better than expected placing or time it certainly puts that event higher on the totem pole than if you went there and completely sucked. A fantastic example of this in my eyes would be the Wakefield Tri in England…not exactly on everyone’s lips as a “go to” destination race BUT I did win my first Senior National Championship there and I remember that race like it was yesterday. The venue and destination: Let me contradict myself here (see #1) and say it is probably the number one reason why people choose the races they do. Unfortunately the annoying subject of cost may also put a small kink in the decision making process but c’mon we are triathletes, NOT cyclists, so cost never is a big deterrent, right? So back to the Wakefield Tri… and I have absolutely nothing against the place but if you had the choice of… the North of England and St.Croix in the Virgin Islands, you are probably going to remember the latter race a little more. The people: I am not going to name the race here (although it is one of the biggest races on the tri calendar) but I really don’t like the people OR the vibe they give off. If you go to a race venue and the community is not embracing the race OR the financial benefits it can bring to their community…why would I want to go there, no matter how scenic the place is? Accessibility: This is another important factor. Everything is great when you only have a pair of flip flops and one change of clothes to pack, BUT when you throw in that little added piece of equipment known as the bike, it changes everything. Especially here in the States, where it seems to be a competition between the major airlines as to who can charge the most to take the bike on board. Bastards!!! The course: The old adage, “Horses for courses” is so true. You would never see me doing an Escape from Alcatraz or Wildflower, for the simple reason that I am quite possibly one of the clumsiest runners ever created when it comes to running on trails or off road….Give me a flat, a little lumpy is OK, course any time with as few turns as possible…Perfect!!! The Race: If a race is poorly organized or the organizers are not taking care of the hand that feeds them, athletes should reassess their decision to attend such races. Occasionally, I have swallowed my pride and sucked it up just because that is what you have got to do sometimes when you are professional. So now we are starting to think about the 09 season stayed tuned and next time I will give you my top 5 triathlons of all time and why. If you care that is? Until then…Spencer

3 February 2009


  • RB

    I remember being in a race with Spencer (the good thing about Tri, as I am a back of the pack man) with my little trunks on and cut off vest top - it was the 80's!!! Just for the record, they were pink and blue! Lets just say he sped past me & I was so slow I even missed the prize giving!! Good luck for 2009 - see you at the start!! :)

  • Richard Prince

    wait till he gets to the UK for boggle hole weekend...he won't be wearing his vest then...

  • Robbo

    big shoulders what are you on about!! the boy has arms like an anorexic sparrow The tan is the main reason for wearing as little as humanly possible to make all us poor buggers stuck here in the cold feel even more sick that we cant spend our life in the warmer climes !!!!

  • andy

    But then he couldn't show off his gurt big shoulders

  • Stu

    Nevermind all that Spencer. Get some chuffin sleeves on yer jersey! You can then enter CTT events and pack in all that messing around with the dark side. Cammish will tell yer....

  • James

    Lol! I think a large number of people would agree with you about location of events being a key factor, especially this year!! I'm saying nothing about the organisers....probably best....wouldn't want to get sued!

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