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The season ahead

The season ahead Starting off with some baseline performance testing, with a trip to the Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex this week. Obviously all the hard winter training I have been doing has paid off - well I have been visualising it so there's a lot to be said for utilising the brain muscle instead of all the usual muscle groups to propel oneself.... ;-) I'm pleased to report that less is definitely more. The test I performed today was a repeat protocol of the same bike test I did in March last year. It showed improvements across the board. Which is good news as I haven't started training yet! A selection of my coached athletes were also tested today received some great feedback to help inform their short-medium term training plans for the season. It was good to see the improvements Darren has made in power, pushing more watts for significantly longer, ready to take on the Pro 70.3 boys this season! Great for motivation and to reinforce the quality of all those turbo sessions through the winter. You've got to be a dedicated triathlete if you live in the UK compared with anywhere in the world (except maybe Chicago - Jen?). That is for sure! So my plans for the season ahead... I'm working with Spencer for another great season - obviously I'm planning a racing season in the UK - it's an experiment to see if it can be done. No international racing. I blame the economic downturn, generating a giant carbon footprint in 2008, paying airlines to offset said carbon and/ or carry bikes for skinny weightless athletes. Until they introduce a fair policy of passenger + luggage exceeding a reasonable weight = excess charge. The novelty of sharing my hard earned seats on flights with Mr or Mrs Big sitting beside me has well and truly worn off now.... I'm returning to some standard distance racing, local and London League races. Having teamed up with Optima racing team to help out with some coaching and train with them occasionally, I have taken a real liking to their kit (Planet-X-esque) First event for the season will be the Marlow Duathlon in March My B race is the National Middle Distance Championships - Bala in June An A race for August - um no sorry - a trip to Prague for my birthday (honest). I think there just might be a European long-course Championship race on the same weekend? I'm continuing my monthly training days in St Albans and Richmond, which are a triathlon in themselves, and having a lot of fun working with athletes of all abilities. So, enjoy your early season antics and training smart through the last of the winter days. Spring is nearly here :-) Fiona

19 February 2009


  • Jen Harrison

    YES, Chicago is brutal, but I am trying to suck it up! :) Great job on your test!

  • Ironrav

    Fi was motoring yesterday. Looking pretty strong on that bike!

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