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Harry's fool proof "5 day Boggle Hole Training Plan" (

Harry's fool proof  I've been running all winter and besides i'm a soft southern fairy who does poncy Triathlon and poncy Olympic Distance Drafting Triathlon at that. How am i going to get through what sounds a lot like a northern hard mans pissing contest? More importantly how am i going to get through it with enough reputation intact that Mr X lets me take home a bike....even if it is a pink one? Well, i've read testing times and thanks to Cammish i've come up with a plan thats going to have me dropping Spence and Randall for fun before easing up the chimney to take the big ring prime with only my left leg. Tomorrow morning i'm getting on the Turbo, I've got a kurt Kinetic and can confirm that it is a twat! I'm going to put it in the 53-11 and ride max out till Saturday. Then i'm going to thumb a lift up to Barnsley with the Pidgeon racing fella ready for the 10.30 sign on. Couple of rules i've set myself for the session. I'm going to close my left hand in a vice and tighten it every 24 hours. I'm keeping the right hand free for a hammer so I can bash my self along with the chimes every hour (not looking forward to 12 o clock, but it will make me tough) Also going to get a slice of kendal mint cake, don't worry I won't be soft enough to eat it, just put it a meter infront of the bike so i've got something to sniff at. No fluid till Friday, then i'll crack open a can of tennants....extra strong of course. See I'll be flying by the weekend, no need for any of these aero helmet shinanigans, just a flat cap will do me "right proper". I'll be shifitng so fast I bet even my wippet won't be able to keep up.

24 February 2009


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    Harry’s been taking his preparation seriously. Read about his “fool proof” plan in HIS BLOG

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