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Training Update

Training Update Bit of a strange year so far, with work becoming busy training has suffered a little and despite a few early season time trial wins i'm not really where i want to be. The training camp in Annecy was great. 50 hours of graft including 15 cols. Each one attacked on the big ring!! 2 weeks ago i had a pathetic ride on the Shirley 50 and only scraped under 2 hours. Pretty much gave up after 1 min knowing the legs were not there. Thats what happens after a week of late nights and early mornings with a school trip all week. This weekend was a little better with the circuit of the cotswolds Sportif. Ok its never supposed to be a race, but when there is a course and a bike there has to be some smackdown. The challenge was to try and do the course faster than it has ever been done before and despite a few seat post slippages, that was done. So fast that the organisers believed i did the short route. 103 miles in 5.20, Ok for a road bike solo ride but having conquered chimney bank on the big ring, there was a narrow lane of 25% which proved a worthy challenge. Lots of casualties had to use shank's pony to get up there but the big ring king threw down the gauntlet.....and won...even if it was at the cost of severe quad cramp 5 mins after. Without being able to snake, it was a harder climb but a good day out. Training continues until Roth, then the Eireman and then the PX smackdown at the Vitruvian. Before all that, its back to Annecy for a solo 2 week training camp

22 June 2009


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