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Rift what rift? No team Astana problems here in our Pla

Rift what rift? No team Astana problems here in our Pla Germany 1 England 0: Yes OK that may have been the result in the 1st Challenge race between Thomas and I but in hindsight home field advantage did play a major part in the victory. I have found as the years creep on in my somewhat maturing career the need becomes more and more apparent for a strategic excuse in any race …C’mon when you have been doing anything for 19 seasons you are entitled to a little leniency, right? Anyway, Thomas who I will refer to as Mr.T, kindly picked me up at Stuttgart airport for the first race in our series, minus my bike of course which was still sleeping at Heathrow airport, and took me straight to the hotel. On our journey back to the hotel from the airport I would have thought it might have been a fantastic opportunity to perhaps mention in a little more detail on how f***ing hard the bike course was going to be but no, the only tit bit of information I was to receive on our hour long car journey was that perhaps it was not the best idea to try and complete the whole bike course in the 54. Advice well taken, as less than a quarter of the way round in the race I found Mr.T’s dulcet tones ringing in my ear. I did get of the bike Mr.T, well just in front to be exact, but my legs were not at all happy and after 1 ½ laps of the 3 lap run course Mr.T decided that he had enough of the tourist thing and dumped me, only to find him at the finish with a nice German chick in one arm and a Redbull in the another. Well to the victor go the spoils. That’s it I said to myself I am going to Roth!!! BUT after a long soak in the ice bath and contemplating the thought of doubling up on the pain in several weeks time, I finally decided I could probably let the Victory slide in the eager anticipation of getting even again in the UK (home field advantage for moi) in September at the Vitruvian. That leads me nicely into the real reason for this article, reports have be flying around that I am still licking my wounds from the fact that the Team Manager the Ginger Avenger and the Owner of Planet X Dave Loughran (just in case you were unsure of Dave’s position in the company, as he does like to keep a DL profile) set me up for a good old fashioned kicking in Germany. NOT SO and this is where the truth comes in, I decided after half way round the run course that it would be more advantageous to let Mr.T take this one and give him a HUGE confidence boost leading into Challenge ROTH. Again, I found myself sacrificing my career for the good of Team Planet X as that is the kind of guy I am!!! Then he pulls out on the run with cramp, I mean a calf strain!! In all seriousness though, Thomas is one hell of an athlete and a lovely guy to boot and I would love to have at least one of his victories on my C.V that is for sure… See everyone at the Relays and the Vitruivian. You can find many more excuses on: Twitter: Spencerwtsmith Facebook: Spencer Smith

3 August 2009


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    Hell on Wheels, stopping during the run leg at Challenge Roth in July with a calf strain, and has now pulled out of the UK Relays stating his preparations for Hawaii mean he needs to ride IM Canada before coming to the UK to take on Spencer in September. In the Planet X camp it is believed that Hell on Wheels refused to race with Spencer following his remarks in his latest blog that he had not helped him prepare for the first race in the series by miss leading him about the bike course.

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