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3 days in and the beastings have begun

Day 3 of my solo training camp in the alps. Well, day 2.5 as the drive here was pretty hard. First day was a little sweetener up the North side of Le Semnoz. 1700m with a total ascent of 1200m in 10 miles. A nice opener as the first 5 miles are easy at 6% average, then it kicks up to 9% for the last 5. Day 2 3k swim followed by a quick blast up the Col De L'epine at 1012m. Easy 8% all the way but a good "big ring" blast. Then back to the Semnoz. This time, the longer ascent from St Joritz to Leshaux and then the final 8 miles to the summit at 8%. Of course, another big ring challenge completed. Day 3 Always wanted to do this climb as its a monster and not one of the more famous ones but the Col De La Madeleine. Only problem is, a 45 mile ride there, 30 miles over the top and 30 miles back. A long tough day in 30degree heat but of course billy big balls tries it in the big ring....a climb too far. At 2000m, the harder south side averages around 9% for 13 miles. A real challenging climb and no water stops on the way. My 2 bottles were empty by the time i got there so this was one cracking climb in more ways than one. madeleine 30mph headwind all the way home was all i needed but a nice beer and cake awaits. Maybe an easier climb up the Forclaz tomorrow.

9 August 2009


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